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Best Internship Websites In India

COVID19 pandemic has shattered so many businesses already and education is also not up to the mark. But yes something is good for the students to grab at this moment. Yes, I am talking about internships.  So it is needed to know what is an internship?  

The opportunity that a company or an organization awards to appropriate candidates called interns, in which they are valued to accomplish a mixture of duties related to their area of expertise is called internships. Students grab internship certificate and letter of recommendation in the end from the respective organization.

Even you can do it remotely. For becoming experts in a particular area, internships are highly required to do. Every experienced person once was an intern. For achieving success, hard work pays off. Internships make you knowledgable and skillful. Earlier degrees worked for taking jobs but now the scenario has changed.  

Best Internship Websites In India
Best Internship Websites In India

Students these days are concentrating on how to become smarter parallel by focusing on their academics as well. Internships are responsible for imparting new skills in students. There are a lot of opportunities that a student can grab while his/her internship period. If he/she works good, chances are high that the company hires them permanently with a good package. Along with new skills, your portfolio becomes attractive when there is an internship mentioned over there. In this blog, I will the best internship websites in India. 

So read on the full blog to know the best internship websites in India.

Internshala – The best Internship website

Internshala is an online training platform. It is located in Gurgaon, India. The founder of Internshala is Sarvesh Aggarwal, who is an IIT Madras Alumni in 2010. Earlier the platform was founded as a WordPress blog but now it provides immense internship opportunities to the students all over India. The platform began its online pieces of training in the year 2014. To date, it has catered almost 4 million students and also has a partnership with more than 80000 companies.

This platform is popular as the internships provided here are genuine. Moreover, students can filter their preferences and apply for the internship which they like the most. Also, the stipend provided should be depicted clearly. Students can also enroll themselves in particular training. Now, Internshala along with internship is also providing job opportunities as well. 


Linkedin is one of the best networking platforms which provides immense internship opportunities. It builds your professional image in front of top-notch professionals. Linkedin allows you to apply for a job and even you can also post them as well.

Many people even don’t know that they can apply for internships as well on Linkedin. The big companies connect with the professionals and all the communication happens here in a professional manner. Even LinkedIn has an entire section for learning something new with relevant skills. 

LetsIntern -The best Internship website

LetsIntern is a great interactive platform for students. This platform provides numerous internships to the students and that from large companies. Moreover, this platform provides some relevant tips to the students who seek for new internship opportunities. Almost 4 million students discover internships on these platforms. 

For almost more than 30,000 organizations onboard this platform is shifting how talent meets industry.


The internship is something that every student seeks these days. These provide great benefits to the students. stuMagz is a good choice for anyone to grab internship opportunities. This platform came into existence in the year 2015 in Hyderabad. This platform is easy to use and students can grab tech as well as non-tech internships there.


Twenty19 was earlier a Business Consulting Start-up with several interns. At times, some so many students wanted to be a part of Twenty19  as interns, then this platform realized that they need to connect with different companies to provide job opportunities to the students. This company has a user base of 6 lakhs and it brings numerous students and companies on a single platform. Here the profiles of the students are shared with the companies. Moreover, it has also started pieces of training to enhance the productivity of the students.

Final Thoughts

Internships can shape the future of the students and open numerous career options in front of them. With internships, students become more intuitive and get expertise in their relevant fields of interest. In this blog, I have discussed various best internship websites platforms that are best for the students. In case if you feel any doubt, ask me freely in the comment section.

Palvi Soni
Palvi Soni
Palvi Soni is a researcher, blogger and content writer who loves to write on different topics. She has completed her M.Tech in Computer science and Engineering in 2019. She loves to explore more and more knowledge and feel happy to share her views with the world. Stay tune for multiple articles based on career, lifestyle, technology and many more..!!!


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