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Free Courses, Free Certificates – Some Brands May Shock You!

Do you want an appraisal post lockdown? Are you thinking of switching your current organization once the economy is back in form? Well, to get these, make sure you are ready to expand your knowledge and opportunities in your career. Today education is no difficulty when it comes to learning online. Several organizations themselves offer free courses to their existing employees to upgrade the employability and the skill of the employee.

This free course varies from company to company and also the domain of the employee working in. For example, an IT company will promote free courses in the domain of digital technology, software engineering, business design, and communication. Research organizations promote free courses in the areas of science, education art, and social sciences. Those who think online courses are not of value unless you spend lacs on them and have a stamp of Harvard University. Well, the era is changing. Your resume may have a sudden boost just by owning the certificate of completion from various online sources. All of this happens from the comfort of your home. Most importantly your attention and scope of learning to gain a wider prospect.

While talking about online courses, most of the websites that allow students to complete the course online, do not offer the certificate of completion. To download a certificate, a considerable amount of money is charged. However, there are also websites which offer the certificate of completion for free.

This, in turn, opens up a whole new world of education and career opportunities. Especially who are eager to upgrade skill, build a strong knowledge base, and desire to serve the organization well. This makes your resume attractive to employers who find that an employee constantly upgrading himself is a learner. This helps to select an efficient employee.

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Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!
Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!

Massive open online courses are courses available for free for anyone in the world. These courses are college-level based. They help you complete the course along with the certificate of completion. You can add on your resume or share it on social media platforms like LinkedIn and various other job portals whenever the options are available. This offer seems to be an opportunity for those who have an interest in developing a skill but not enough money. All you need is a good cell phone, a computer or a laptop and an internet connection to keep the classes going.

A study has suggested that in 2018 about 20 million people pursued an online course, 2 million at least signed up for one. Remember, all that’s free is an opportunity. Don’t leave it drooling the waste that is serving you as a gift. Today websites like Coursera, EDX, Udacity, and future learn to operate on distinct models by offering actual courses for free. However, they charge a sum for providing the certificate of completion.

In some cases these websites also charge the examination fee or if you would like to access the entire study material. Well when courses are available for free, why waste your money just to get a brand name? Online certifications have now become a major portion of Human Resource hiring. 


Values You Can Derive From The Free Trainings

Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!
Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!

It’s easy to say than done when it comes to learning free certifications will not only help you give a boost in your career in a way it will increase your productivity and add value. While comparing yourself with any other employee, don’t take free certifications lightly. Just because they are free does not mean they are easy to complete. There are three most prominent benefits you can pool from online training.

The Option To Choose Wise

When it comes to giving your time and effort to something, it’s best to make some research before diving. The fortune to avail education free of cost goes in vain if you drop in the middle of the course. There won’t be much of a burden. Research says only 5% of those who sign up for free courses complete the entire course. Go with your gut, select few, but do.


When it comes to learning, discipline is a primary concern. Even if you have a hectic lifestyle and your interests clash with the learning options you choose do not deviate your commitment it’s quite normal to go off track if you find a motivation sagging to the bottom of the sea try to refocus on the skills that motivated you to take up the course in the first place this will help keep your enthusiasm level constant throughout the process

Pace Yourself

just because it’s free and you feel a sudden current moving to your nerves forcing you to take up multiple courses at a time, stop there. Think twice. To keep your motivation constant, take one course at a time. Utilize the bubbling enthusiasm to keep yourself upright.

Finish the courses fast, of course with good learning. Don’t rush into things just because you want to finish your course and get the certificate. Take time, learn, and move on to the next. Plan out a minimum of 10 courses and set a deadline. See what you can achieve. If you achieve your target, it quite clearly indicates that your motivation and your learning skills on the right track.

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Let’s See What Courses We Have

Public Relations Certification

This course is offered by the Oxford Home Study Centre. The course primarily focuses on the differences between publicity, advertising, and relations. The role of public opinion across the business and the importance of reputation management is thoroughly explained. For those of you who work in the marketing team social media team or the public relations team, can easily pursue this course and add it to your resume.

Professional Writing

This course offered by Seller Academy is primarily created for those who face difficulty in writing paragraphs, essays, email, business minutes, and presentations. This course will take you through the nuts and bolts in a 4 hours span. It will help to craft your writing skills and how well you can present your writing to the audience. The learning is primarily focused on creating an impact on the areas where you could not excel previously.

Internet Of Things

What better than Stanford University offering a free certificate via an online course? Today the increasing chances of interconnected devices in every sphere of human work have left no choice than getting accustomed to the new technology. This course focuses on applications, circuits, networks, and embedded systems to help you understand the device into connection.

JavaScript And jQuery Survival Guide

Another leading website offering a free certificate on Javascript is the aquent gymnasium. This course focuses on coding examples and uses exercises for students to better understand and practice interactive elements. For those who are working in the web development domain, this course will help you understand how the JavaScript console fits in the front end and how can JavaScript be used to debug problems. If you do not have basic CSS and HTML learning experience, you can try other free courses of HTML first and then dive into this one.

Language And Literary Education

This course is specifically for students and employees who have completed education in the field of teaching and academic courses. This course enhances knowledge on phonology, orthography, syntax, semantics, and how better you can co-ordinate them for classroom teaching. If you are a teacher who experiences direct variation, this course will help you overcome the challenges along with a free certificate.

Websites and organizations providing free certification courses

LinkedIn Learning

As a corporate professional, I hope everyone uses LinkedIn to strengthen your brand and employability. Today LinkedIn has evolved as a job platform, connection platform, and is now better evolving as a learning platform. One of the most well designed articulated and trusted online course providers include LinkedIn. As the first most preferred choice, it offers multiple courses with free certificates and has course a range of 13000, along with online videos.

Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!
Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!

It provides the largest number of catalog for the better learning experience of course. However, there’s a catch. When you first sign up for a LinkedIn course you have a one-month free trial. Within this time courses on WordPress, leadership management, finance, accounting, human resource, business strategy, cloud computing, data science, photography, web designing, graphic design, IT, and software development can be completed. If you do not want to continue any course after the first month, you can simply unfollow. That’s it.


From my personal experience, I would like to state, when it comes to certification courses from Udemy, they have teachers from well-established colleges and institutions. Udemy predominantly provides a total number of 823 courses for free with certificates.

Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!
Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!

You can download the certificate in the printable format and attach it with a resume when you submit a copy physically. Free courses on Udemy include courses from all domains, for example, Spanish language, blogging, digital marketing, social media marketing, Microsoft excel, blockchain, PowerPoint, HTML, Java, Salesforce, graphic design, mobile development, and programming.

Google Certification

Another personal experience to share, I have completed the digital marketing course from Google. With learning instructions better than any other full-time course available on digital marketing. Digital marketing is an important factor when it comes to professions like content writing, social media marketing, and public relation. Most of the Google digital garage courses have modules with no time limits and they are completely free.

Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!
Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!

You have unlimited access to the videos and study material provided, although the total number of course on Google digital garage include hundred. Free certificates are not available for all of them. It’s best if you can go through some of the courses available first, check if it offers a digital certificate, and then sit for one.

Microsoft Learn

Anyone working in Microsoft affiliated products, the Microsoft learn offers 30 plus courses with free certificates included in some of them. All the courses are free of cost and these courses primarily focus on Microsoft products. Just like Google’s digital garage, Microsoft has its own learning platform. Anybody seeking a career in Microsoft can better get acquainted with its product and work process by completing the courses offered by it.

These courses revolve around Microsoft software systems and products only. Most of the classes include knowledge of dynamics 365 and Azure depending on the type of Microsoft user you are. Just before the course begins the website provides an option to select if you are a beginner or an advanced user. Courses circulate depending on the selection.

If you are working as an administrator, business user data, engineer, functional consultant, solution architect, these courses may help you gain an advantage in the scope of learning and as well, multiply your skills as you progress in your work.

Facebook Blueprint

Yes, you read correctly. Facebook is offering free courses. A total number of 400 courses available on this platform and the certificate is available only after you take an exam. If you observe well, every large internet company has built its own platform where they focus on providing learning options for free. Frankly, I was not surprised to see that Facebook offers options to develop a career other than social media marketing.

Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!
Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!

It has an extensive library of classes along with videos, training modules, and free courses that are accredited by a few organizations. Any student from any part of the world can take any of the 400 courses irrespective of the discipline he or she has pursued in their career. The examination conducted on this platform is although extensive but not very difficult to qualify. In my opinion, this should be available on all the platforms providing a free certificate. Only then the seriousness of completing the course will help all of those who are interested.

Oxford Home Study

This website is primarily important for students who keep an interest in business analytics, management, and the like. A total of 15 courses are available for free and there are free certificates for all the 15 courses. This provider is specifically famous for the diploma courses, it offers along with a hand full of other free online courses.

There are no hidden fees or nasty surprises like some of the websites, although a charging amount for the certificate may be present for some. Sign up, start learning, and claim your certificate. You can easily complete courses like risk management, project management, supply chain management, hotel management, internet marketing, business management construction, management, and PR from this website.

NPTEL (Government Accredited)

The courses available on this website employs the mastery of credible professors from the Indian Institute of Technology (PAN India). The brand itself acts as a motivator. courses are available in multiple disciplines. NPTEL is associated with industries which give them an edge over others. The certifications here can be useful in research jobs, CAT, UPSC, GMAT and promotional qualifications.

Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!
Free Courses, Free Certificates - Some Brands May Shock You!

They work towards bridging the gap between education and industry standards. They do not provide practical experiences, however, the theoretical knowledge is quite accepted in job applications.

Accreditation Of Free Online Certificate

Just when you think of completing a course, you may wonder if your hard work will be of much value? Isn’t it? Certification completed from the comfort of your home may not have the exact value as an MBA, but they help you get appraisals and promotions. It entirely depends on the issuing authority of the certificate and the person hiring you.

Not only your certificate and your resume but your organization choosing to employ you has a hand. What you speak and present in your interview room, also acts as a determining factor. The certificate courses provided by Microsoft learn, Google digital garage, Salesforce, LEED, SHRM, does get better accreditation when compared with all the other providers. The downside of taking up online courses, well, of course, I cannot think of one unless you think learning from the comfort of your home is a waste of time.

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