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16 Signs that you have found your true love

With spiritual knowledge, it has been said that God has created a soul for every other soul on this planet. We all are meant to meet somebody someday. We have four legs and four arms, but the other half belongs to the person who completes us. Hearing the word love in today’s generation gives us goosebumps, not because we love having the feeling of love but because it sounds scary. We must remember that love is the strongest and the most powerful emotion and so love is never wrong but the person can be. Many of us are blessed with “the one and some are still hunting for them or maybe they are not and my dear, it is perfectly okay. So, if you are still confused about whether you have found your true love or “the one”, try to look at these things within that person.

They understand you

The very first and most crucial thing is understanding each other. The one who vows to be in love with you understands you irrespective of the situation. They will understand why you are you and who you are as a person.

Listens to you

No matter what thoughts are hindering your success, they are there to lend you an ear. From having the deepest conversations to the gibberish talk, they will listen to you with enthusiasm because you matter to them.

Respecting boundaries

You deserve a person who not only respects you but also the boundaries that you made years ago. A person who knows your limit and respects that wholeheartedly.

Takes good care of you

Be it the mental health or physical health, they know how to take care of you. They will bring you food when you are on your periods. They will create a playlist according to every version of you that exists. When you are messing up with your health, they will schedule everything for you and will make sure you are following it.

Supports you

16 Signs that you have found your true love
16 Signs that you have found your true love

Your heart just knows when you finally found someone who caresses your hair and gently hugs you when you have a rough day. You know everything will be fine in the end when you look at them. The person who supports and stands by you in every kind of situation no matter how hard and abrupt it may seem.

Keeps promises

Do they promise to be there at a particular time? They will be there regardless of what happened while reaching to you safely. They know the value of promises and the fact that “promises are meant to be kept”.


Sometimes you miss them so much but are unable to meet or see. But they just know and will call or text or maybe video call with you (even if it turns out to be a mute one). You know each other so well that you end up completing each other sentences or knowing what is running in the other person’s mind just by gazing at them.

Fixes an argument

16 Signs that you have found your true love
16 Signs that you have found your true love

There exist no couples who do not quarrel or have a healthy argument. Remember having arguments is not bad, it simply means you are expressing your opinion. What matters the most is how fast you come back running to each other realizing no argument is more important than your loved one.

Makes time for you

Excuses have no place in their heart when it comes to you. You are always a priority for them. They will make time for you, take you on dates, call and text you to ask how are you doing or maybe sometimes just to hear your voice.

Importance of “Me time”

Self-love should be a priority in everyone’s life and they are well versed with this fact and hence they know that everyone deserves “Me time”. They won’t emotionally blackmail you to sabotage your time but will encourage you to take your time.

Surprises you

16 Signs that you have found your true love
16 Signs that you have found your true love

You will never really feel like telling them what they should do for you, they will always surprise you in the middle of the day maybe with a sweet paragraph or chocolate or even with the earrings you loved while shopping but didn’t buy.

Never insults you

Every couple goes through a difficult phase and gets indulge into arguments but the right person will never insult you no matter how mad they are at you. They will mind their words before speaking out during an argument and will always remember that you matter more than anything to them.

Waits for you

If you are going for a date or a function or shopping, they are ever ready to wait for you and will give you a forehead kiss right after seeing you instead of getting mad for being late. They will be beyond grateful and happy to see you because you are worth the wait.

Passionate about your passion

16 Signs that you have found your true love
16 Signs that you have found your true love

There are times when you will feel like giving up on your dream and passion but then you will find them supporting and uplifting you to follow your dream world and darling that is when you will know that you have found your true love.

Saying sorry and meaning it

They will never hurt you intentionally but if in case that happens, they are going to say sorry and mean it and will do anything to make you smile again. “Their apology is going to be as loud as their mistake was.”

Loves you unconditionally

16 Signs that you have found your true love
16 Signs that you have found your true love

Says I love you randomly in between the day. They do not care if you are dressed up or not, or whether your hair is messy or not. They still love you from the bottom of their heart. They accept the way you are. They love you for being you and fall in love with you, not with the idea of love.

They respect you for who you are right now and not the one who you will become in their dreams. Your heart just knows when you meet your true love. It will not start with agony and anxiety but with peace and power. If you have found your true love, never let them go. Feel blessed and grateful to have them in your life.

Nothing’s going to change their love for you

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