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Trendiest online series

Now days typical serials are not trendiest among the teenager. They are unable to handle those “saas bahu shit”,repeated Hollywood series and other melodramatic stuff on television. Now they have ditch the idiot box and switch on to the world of web. if you are planning to do the same here is thelist of trendiest web series

  • BAND BAJA BAARAT -Two people from very different backgrounds fall in love and decide to get married, but not without their parents blessings. Three days before the wedding they introduce each other with their respective parents and all hell breaks lose. It’s a brilliant saga of two lovers from completely different social backgrounds who decide to get married. But the real struggle starts when their families meet and the big fat Indian wedding begins. With a very relatable storyline, the web series make a great watch.
  • PERMANENT ROOMMATES-Presently one of the most viewed web series on YouTube, the story of Permanent Roommates revolves around a young couple, who after being in a three year old long distance relationship, starts living together and contemplate marriage. The series is well written, directed and edited, plus the protagonists have done a brilliant job to their characters. If you want to watch this web series you have to log in in TVF Play.
  • LADIES ROOM -This is a story of two besties and the mental adventures they go through in six different loos. It is a show about modern young ‘girl bros’ struggling to grow up even as they grow old. These girls are mad, bad and completely unapologetic about it! This web series  consist of typical girls issues that they have to face in day to day life .
  • A.I.S.H.A– If you love technology then this web series is for you.A.I.SHA is the story of a relationship between a man and woman…only, the woman is the first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant (A.I.S.H.A.). He plans to take revenge from his bullying boss, Sid (played by Raghu Ram) through his app but what happens when the app gets a mind of its own? Isn’t it a stellar storyline.

  • LIFE SAHI HAI – if you are staying with three boys then this one  will be related to you only.Life Sahi Hai’ is a sitcom that revolves around the lives of four guys who have moved to Delhi to live independently for the first time. While dealing with bosses, girlfriends and with each other, these guys end up in such challenging situations, which only they are capable of landing themselves in. While they are getting used to the newfound freedom, they realize that freedom isn’t free.
  • TRIPPLING -Once in our life we have went to a road trip with our sibbking .Not everyone is excited about the idea to go on a road trip with siblings.But Tripling may inspire you to go on one and have the time of your life! The show traces the story of three siblings Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan on a road trip, who’ve their own struggles and fights in their personal lives.
  • ITS NOT SO SIMPLE – As the name suggested this web series is full of confusion. Basically An urban housewife (Swara Bhaskar) is stuck in an unhappy marriage, until she’s invited for a school reunion and meets two of her ex-almost-boyfriends. The show revolves around the idea of marriage, relationships, a woman’s stand in a marriage, love etc.


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