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College canteen ,College memories?

When this question arises to one’s mind, it would be the canteen of the college. Canteen is the busiest place on the college campus. Students attend fewer lectures and are often seen in the canteen.
When it comes to college canteen it is the best way where one can relax, for me canteen is the place where I met new people and enjoy with the old ones, celebrating birthdays, discussing about various projects, seminars, events and so much, I cannot think of college without my college canteen, it is that place which I visit the most it’s under the sun where everything is discussed from love sagas to fashion tips.
‘It was very important for us to visit the canteen every day. The place with no differences in seniority religion whatsoever, it buzzed 24/7 with all kinds of students we used to get our share of news from this place. The taste of masala dosas still lingers I must have eaten hordes of food after leaving the college but nothing has tasted so delightful yet And the time spent with my friends with no worries in my head was in the canteen something I would buy it back if it would be worth anything on this earth ’ Says Dr Priya Patil who was already nostalgic about her college.

Our college canteen is open to all from students to faculty to the other staff of the college. Sometimes we invent our so call ‘new dishes’ but also snacks, cold drinks, and Rice, curry. It also supplies tea, coffee, and sweets to the students and the teachers. There are good arrangements which make the place a better one to spend time. Canteen is surely a place where memories are building up for the future.

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