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If you are bored of watching typical discovery channel , then FVI TV 18  will definitely change your perspective of watching these knowledge channel . FYI TV18 is an Asian lifestyle-based network owned by a joint venture between A+E Networks and TV18. It is available in eight languages (including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali) in full HD across all major markets in India and planned toreach more than 50-million households in coming years. It take modern spin on traditional lifestyle programming.
FVI TV18 is a bucket of various series on different aspects of life . So here is a list of series that you must watch in FVI TV18.

  • ARRANGED- The basic motive of this series is to promote Arranged marriage. In this series. Three American couples from very different backgrounds prepare for their arranged marriages. “In Arranged, three couples from different cultural backgrounds have one thing in common – the belief in arranged marriages… These brides and grooms don’t just marry each other, their unions include their entire family,” FYI says of the show. “Even though the marriages stemmed from the heart of their culture, the marital stakes are heightened as the couples do not have the level of intimacy common in most modern marriages.”
  • MARRIAGE AT FIRST SITE – Image result for fyi tv18 show marriage at first siteBasically it is a social experiment guided by science – six singles looking for love are matched upand married at first sight!. A group of singles agree to marry partners chosen for them by a team of relationship experts. Looking forward to a perfect match, they meet their mates for the first time on their wedding day.
  • MAN vs CHILD–  Image result for fyi tv18 show man vs childIt is basically to promote cooking in children. In Man VS Child,Every week, a new executive chef is faced with a team of five child cooking prodigies to defend their culinary abilities on Man VS Child. Five talented kids who are passionate about cooking compete with professional adult chefs in a series of culinary challenges.  The juxtaposition of adult and child chefs can be interesting for the viewers.
  • Image result for fyi tv18 show small budget big makeover It is one of the most interesting  series in this channel. In this series,Muninder Singh Chowdhry the “Transformer” and Vishakha Dholakia Chowdhry the “Imaginator” are going to show you how, with a little money and a lot of creativity, you can give your rooms a magical makeover. This makeover is combined with DIY (Do it yourself). In which various DIY is taught.
  • TINY HOUSE NATION – This series teaches you various innovative methods to live spacious life in small house.  The tiny house movement-inspired series features renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin who help families around the country building their desired houses that are no bigger than 500 square feet. The main motive of this series to prove that size doesn’t matter, it’s creativity that counts !
  • NAIL FILESImage result for fyi tv18 show nail fliesNail Files is created by the creators of Jersey Shore, and follows Katie Cazorla, who owns a popular Sherman Oaks salon called The Painted Nail, while juggling her relationship with Walter Afanasieff, a Grammy award-winning music producer. The series follows Cazorla as she aspires to take The Painted Nail to the next level. She  launches her Spring line of polishes, and handles her celebrity clients all while placating her trouble-making staff.
  • BROKE BITE- WHAT THE FUNG?Image result for fyi tv18 show broken bites In this series ,Meet the Fung brothers, with an appetite bigger than their budget, they are off on a mission to find the most delicious meals at the cheapest prices! The Fung Brothers are a Chinese-American duo consisting of comedians and rappers Andrew Fung . In the series, Andrew and David travel across the U.S. in search of the best local spots to eat, with a budget of only fifty dollars .
  • THE REAL 2 STATES COUPLEImage result for fyi tv18 show the real two Inspired and adapted from 2 States the movie and with Chetan Bhagat’s support – FYI TV18 brings you Real 2 States Couples and their heartwarming real stories as they take the leap into intercultural marriages by stepping into a new life with different traditions and values.

So here is the wrap  to this beautiful journey that begin and ends with a love story . I hope you enjoyed the ride .



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