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10 TV Shows to add to your to-watch list

The holidays are a time of magic. They bring a cup of good cheer into our lives. We get to cherish the happy times we share with our loved ones. Smothered in the spirit of the holiday season, we engross ourselves in movie marathons all day long. But what about the pending T.V shows on your to-watch list? There is no better time to catch up on the best shows on T.V right now. So, buck up and grab your tub of buttery popcorn before you Netflix your way out of this list. Snuggle with your dear beloveds as you live through this awesome list of T.V. shows that will keep you begging for more. Here are 10 shows that you inevitably need to add to your to-watch list.


‘The name is Sherlock Holmes, and the address is 221B Baker Street…’ Those words are all you have to hear come out of the high-functioning sociopath’s mouth. It is safe to say that your life will never be the same after watching this show. Oscar-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch portrays the world’s only consulting detective in this contemporary reboot based off Sir Author Conan Doyle’s novels. Set in modern-day England, the story revolves around Sherlock Holmes and his crime-solving compadre, Dr. John Watson who blogs about their adventures. Growing up, you might have read the novels, but this T.V show does justice to the books. It will keep you pining for more, as each season has only three episodes.


10 TV Shows to add to your to-watch list

From George. R.R. Martin’s a song of ice and fire series comes Game of Thrones. Though the readership for his novels is colossal, people couldn’t stop themselves from devouring the precious ten episodes per season T.V show. There are certain changes made in the T.V series as expected but it’s no less than the books itself. The plot involves seven kingdoms and their power struggle to dominate the iron throne. Fair warning about this show as it has a lot of explicit sexual content and bloodshed. It is not suitable for people below the age of 18 years. Trust me when I say that you need a box of Kleenex for every episode you watch. Nonetheless, you will end up falling in love with the series and the characters. Don’t get too attached, though!


10 TV Shows to add to your to-watch list

After coming to terms with the fact that he has cancer, Walter White, a Chemistry teacher decides to use meth to pay off his medical bills by teaming up with his faithful sidekick Jesse. Follow their risky ventures where they indulge themselves with criminals in the drug-making business. With a 9.5 rating from IMDB, this show is on top of their most-watched list. The series wrapped up in 2013 with a power-packed 5 season set. There is really no rush to finishing this show.


The story opens with two brothers desperately trying to find their father who had gone missing on a supernatural hunt. They find themselves heading down the same path as they dedicate their lives to wiping out evil from the world. This show encompasses so many elements and it is incomprehensible how the writers pull it off so well. It is scary, funny, emotional and bloody, all at the same time. The way they weave in a lore in almost every episode is extremely intriguing. In its twelfth season and the creators of the show remain unstoppable and manage to keep their TRP ratings soaring high.


If you are a super-hero maniac, then this is just the dose of adrenaline rush you need. From CW’s Arrow came the spin-off series The Flash, also from the DC universe but it took off better than the former. Barry Allen is an ordinary forensic scientist until he gets struck by lightning and exposed to a particle accelerator explosion. Nine months later he gains the power of super-speed and uses it to save his city from possible threats. Try and keep up with this program if you can!


Mystic falls is a small town minding its own business until it finds itself crawling with vampires. Elena Gilbert is a high-school girl who falls hard for the vampire, Stefan. The plot thickens when Stefan’s brother Damon visits the town and decides to shake things up a bit. The eighth and last season of the show is currently airing on the CW. It is one of the most engrossing T.V series and ropes in a string of other supernatural creatures as well.

  1. SUITS

The show Suits follows Harvey Specter, New York’s finest legal closure hiring a college drop-out, Mike Ross as his associate. Although his educational qualifications are questionable, his photographic memory and unhinged talent compensate for it. Currently one of the best legal dramas on T.V and the adorable duo kick-ass in court. Don’t forget to catch up with the show so you can keep up with the upcoming season.


10 TV Shows to add to your to-watch list

Detective Kate Beckett brings in a bestselling crime novelist to solve a series of murder based on his novels. The overenthusiastic writer gets comfortable with the crime-solving unit of the fifth precinct at the N.Y.P.D and uses the opportunity for research purposes. This show will leave you longing to see a dead body in every episode and keep you at the edge of your seat. The correlation of the murders to Richard Castle’s novels is simply splendid. There is also a romantic element in the series and you will be rooting for the pair before you know it.


Modern family is a quirky sitcom revolving around three families and their amusing antics. Each member of the respective families has a unique strategy and philosophy when it comes to life. The comedic series in a mockumentary format and it is hilarious to see the characters ranting away at the camera. If you are having a bad day and you have nothing better to do with your time, this is the best show to get hooked on.


This teen drama is a supernatural series which orbits around introvert Scott McCall getting bitten by a Werewolf on the eve of his sophomore year. With only his best friend Stiles Stilinski as his confidant, he must fend off the supernatural threats headed towards his town. An ensemble of comedy, romance, horror and action, this show doesn’t fail to captivate its audience in all its six seasons. The show is in season and if you want to keep up, it is never too late!


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