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10 Real Photos That Are Not Photoshopped


In a world where photoshop and filters have taken over, these real and perfectly time photos make us hard to believe that they have undergone no editing at all! See it to believe it!

  1. “Water Cycling?”

Looks like a super-human in striped shorts off cycling on water? Well, it is actually the gift of an adept photographer!

  1. “Levitation skills?”

Photoshopped? No! This is actually a stunt pulled of by this German magician! Great show of optical illusion, isn’t it?

  1. “Twinning?”

Confused which one it real? Well this woman has undergone a lot of surgeries to replicate a Barbie Doll! So much to become adorable?

  1. “ Who painted my cat?”

No one did! This is infact Venus, a Chimera cat. Currently 3 years old, this bi-colored beauty is a hit among all!

  1. “Black hole on Earth?”

Actually the picture of a house being brought down by construction engineers, this gives us some real creep!

  1. “Giant Minecraft?”

This is in reality a picture where waves of two different water bodies meet! Say hello to the gamer in you!


  1. “Headless Gymnast?”

Scary? This is a pose where the photographer has clicked when the head is bent backwards. All the awesomeness in a picture eh?


  1. “Forgot your way?”

These twisted rail tracks seem unreal? The result of an earthquake, they could give the perfect backdrop for any ‘Fast and Furious’ movies!

  1. “Perfect Things”

A serene little place where you can forget all your tensions. Picture perfect!


  1. “Attention!”

Mirror images? Photoshop? No this is the result of absolute co-ordination and dedication of the military. Hats off!


Seems like the real world has more amazing things to offer than Snapchat filters. Unbelievable? Believe it!

Anwesha Saha
Anwesha Saha
I am a Bengali, from Kolkata. Soon to be an Electronics Engineer. I love writing. Also I love food and cooking!


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