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These Fashion Trends for Women will Make You Look like a Fashionista

With a new decade comes new fashion, latest trends, modern styles. But some stay forever. Fashion-forward women took it upon themselves to redefine fads time and again. Accessories like chokers, plush socks, leather pants have come and gone, but a handful have stayed.

We’ve put together some classic items that are flattering with every outfit in your wardrobe. Watches, colored contact lenses and hats – even when the temperature fluctuates, these conversation starters stand the test of time. Easy to find, inexpensive and chic, shop for these head-turning accessories to make dressing up so much better.


These Fashion Trends for Women will Make You Look like a Fashionista

Historically speaking, watches were carried as pendants or in pockets. They were considered more than just time-keeping objects than they are now. Parties, weddings, work, home, holidays – we wear watches all the time. An indispensable fashion piece – watches add character to any outfit and add to the wearer’s personality too. Over the years, watches have seen more popularity than ever. They make for fabulous fashion accessories that go well with everything.

 Sleek watches with fitted dresses look stunning as do bigger ones with casual western outfits. Pair your favorite watch with Indian wear, and it instantly adds more depth to the outfit. Keep a simple assortment of classic styles that you can match with anything. Watches are a great alternative if you’re not big on jewellery. They also make for stylish gifts for friends or anyone in the family.

Colored Contact Lenses

These Fashion Trends for Women will Make You Look like a Fashionista
These Fashion Trends for Women will Make You Look like a Fashionista

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Think colored contact lenses, think ubiquitous. Fashion influencers on social media swear by colored lenses and how they dramatically change their look instantly. Blue lens, grey lens, hazel lens are the most popular colors that people shop for. Colored contact lenses make the eyes look bigger, almost doll-like. From photoshoots to ads to selfies and makeup videos, colored contact lenses make for the perfect accessory to catch anyone’s attention.

Beauty influencers are often seen sporting blue lenses, grey lenses, hazel lenses or green lenses in their Instagram posts that garner much interest from young audiences. What’s perfect is that you can wear your favorite colored contact lenses for that special day or that night out with friends and discard it right after. Colored contact lenses don’t mean long-term commitment. And that’s why they make for popular fashion accessories. You can mix and match from a wide array of colored contact lenses like blue lens, grey lens, hazel lens or pink lens – the options are endless.

Make sure that you are aware of safety guidelines to follow when buying and using colored contact lenses to keep your eyes safe and stylish at the same time. One of the most trusted brands globally, Bausch+Lomb offer safe colored contact lenses, Lacelle and Optima Natural Look, that are available in convenient daily and monthly disposable options. Check out the complete range of Bausch+Lomb colored contact lenses here.


These Fashion Trends for Women will Make You Look like a Fashionista

Want to create an instaworthy look instantly? Easy. Hats. No matter the weather, hats are your best friend. For decades, influencers and fashionable people have sworn by all kinds of hats from fedoras to berets, pom-pom hats to school hats, trapper hats, beanies, cowboy hats, and so many more chic variants. They not only protect your face and hair from the cold, the sun and wind, but hats also make for fantastic accessories that never fail to enhance your outfit.

The beauty of a hat is that it suits all body structures and face shape if worn well and paired right with the outfit. If you’re new to wearing hats, it’s a great idea to invest in some basic ones like a floppy hat or a beret that is easy to wear and pair with your clothes.

With these fashion staples in your wardrobe, accessorizing will never be boring. Experiment with different combinations and discover your personal style. After all, accessories have the power to make or break your outfit.

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