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Top 10 Makeup myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

Reading something online and trying to do the same thing is just a blunder. It is like trusting into a stranger who offers a lollipop to you. You must have come across some makeup myths which underlines the beauty industry all day. There are thousands of myths starting from the use of a concealer or to sleep with cucumber pasted at your eyelids. Some myths are true but some myths are extremely hilarious. There were days when red lips weren’t meant for everyone but that is gone now. Be it on the street or on the office, you will see that one girl with a bold lip colour trying to prove a statement.

These makeup myths are obsolete and have no common sense attached to it. As anyone who has started to encounter their journey while following with makeup, it is difficult to trust anything or everything you see on the internet. The internet is a place of lies and people will just put up false makeup myths to scare the naïve. From your friends to your mom and aunts, you have seen everyone falling prey to these makeup myths. This is because sometimes we don’t use our brain as much as we think to do. It is important for us to take a stand and prove a statement wrong which has already been uploaded on the internet.

Some makeup myths which circulates around are not exactly false. For example, if you tie your hair and fall asleep then your hair is likely to lose all the proper nutrients by cutting off the air circulation. Even if you fall asleep with your makeup on then you are likely to end up with a skin damage on the next day since makeup on your skin conceals all the pores which does not let your skin breathe much. The thing with these makeup myths are that some are helpful but some are completely outdated. There are so many new products and styles in the market which are well adjusted to the individual’s skin so that they won’t break them out.

Here are the top 10 makeup myths which make no complete sense when you read them now.

1. Don’t use makeup, it is not good for your skin

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You may have heard your mom or your grandmother screaming from the other end of your room to stop you from wearing makeup. Some people think that makeup is the only way to damage their skins. That is absolutely an absurd statement. This makeup myths is a pointless one since people do not damage their skin with the makeup they put on.

What causes the breakage or the damage in your skin is completely different from wearing makeup. The amount of sleep you get and the way you treat your skin is the result of your flawless or a bumpy skin. Sometimes makeup can heal your skin as it did to me. With the application of BB or CC creams, you can lighten your skin complexion and fade the pores. So next time when you hear this makeup myths, show this article to the person who is saying them.

2. Expensive makeup is the best one to use

The one makeup myths that you might have heard for the rest of your life that expensive makeup yields the most glowing radiance. Well, sometimes it is true but mostly it is false. Expensive makeup just tends to check on the price list and the amount that you are willing to pay to buy the stuff.

Most of the makeups that you buy from an expensive store of a branded collection are just frauds and sells the same item to its buyers. It is definitely a makeup myths which should be kept shunned.

3. Throw your mascara out when it starts to get clumpy

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Well, the one makeup myths you might see people blindly trusting is to throwing their mascaras out when they start to get clumpy. Is that so? Well, you can de-clump a mascara with some simple tricks performed at home. You don’t need to throw the entire tube and make sure you have a new one.

Sure you need to make sure that your makeup is okay but throwing it our even not using it after buying it from three months now, it is a pure waste of your money. You can heat up a warm bowl of water and dip your mascara in it to de-clusterize your mascara. This will save you both the time and money.

4. You don’t need to clean your brushes after you have used them

Well, this makeup myths is absolutely a nonsense. If you don’t wash your makeup brushes then it won’t brush it by themselves. You will have to make sure that your makeup brushes are clean so that you can use them for your makeup the next time. Also, make sure that your brushes are soft since the bristles can poke into your skin a cause harsh breakouts if not brushed properly.

5. Match your foundation with your wrist

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Now that you are in a good store and want the perfect foundation for your skin, what are you supposed to do when there are wide ranges of foundation to choose from? Well, there are some makeup myths which tells everyone to match their foundation while testing with their wrist so that they can understand which will suit them the most.

This is absurd and totally false. Your body colour is completely different from your skin colour. If you are going to apply something on your skin then you should match your foundation on something which is really close to your face like your neck region.

6. Go for smokey eyes and smokey lips and a dark contour

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If you are going all in at once then you are likely to lose your mojo while doing your makeup. Makeup is a form of art which shows on your face. You sure want people to like your makeup rather than talking about it behind your back. If you are going with both a smokey red lips and smokey dark eyes then that is a common blunder you are doing.

In most cases, you are likely to end up looking like a panda out of the forest. If you are going for a bold eye look then pair it with nude lips which will surely match your whole look and get you going for the rest of the party.

7. The powder will reduce the oil appearance on your skin and make your skin look matte

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The oil which is secreted by your skin is because of you and your skin has an oily nature to it. It has nothing to do with your makeup so don’t blame on it. You may have heard that makeup myths which says that putting powder on your face will reduce the appearance of your oily skin but it is completely untrue. The powder will just stick out from your face and gives a pasty appearance to your skin in turn. This will make your whole makeup look like a huge blunder.

8. You can skip on a primer and use a moisturizer indeed

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This is a top makeup myths which people actually believes. Primer is the essential part of doing your makeup. If you are laying a foundation for a building and then your skipping on the whole cement and structure then will your building ever stand up to its height?

Primer is the mac to your cheese. If you don’t apply primer before you apply your makeup then your whole face will look like a Halloween costume party. Makeup will start dripping from your face and sure you don’t want to look like a wet-water ghost.

9. You should definitely apply concealer before you apply your foundation

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Concealer as the name suggests it is for concealing things. If you apply your concealer before your foundation then you are likely to end up with big pores on your skin after that you have done your makeup. Don’t ever follow this makeup myths since it is blunder which is done by many people and they still think that it is a good thing to apply your concealer before applying your foundation.

10. Makeup never expires and you can use them all the time

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This is a makeup myths which you should never believe in. Everything has an expiry date and even you do. What makes it impossible that some people actually think that their makeup will never expire and they can use it more years after years. This will just irritate your skin and you are likely to end up with a bad makeup day afterwards.

So which makeup myths did you like the most? Always remember, makeup is a form of the mind. What you see in the mirror is who you really are.

Don’t let the beauty gurus debunk their formulae’s and tell some absurd makeup myths in which you might start believing.

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