Power of Internet: How to Find Anything On Internet

Internet, the network of networks is a wide spread web which connects us all. Internet affects not only the ones connected but also the ones not connected to the web. Each corner or space in the memory of Internet stores information. There it is; the entire anatomy of your family, the complete reference to distant location, a glimpse into the extinct past and the foreseen future. Research reveals that the average person now spends more time on their phones than on sleep. According to a study, an average person spends about 8 hours 41 minutes on electronics devices; this is about 20 minutes more than average night’s sleep. Internet has thus become a huge part of our world, and we cannot ignore its usefulness let alone its resourcefulness.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]An average person spends about 8 hours 41 minutes on electronics devices[/beautifulquote]

For some people, Internet is all about Google. While others revolve around YouTube. Teenagers specifically prefer the company of social networking sites viz Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There must have been times when you sat for almost an hour in order to search for the most relevant information on the Internet. It could be something related to your school project, or something that links with your personal hobby. Google is a great platform to KNOW lot things in a blink of an eye, however not every person KNOWS how to utilize its full potential. As stated earlier, Internet is a much much larger topic to play with; we will therefore limit our discussion to the search optimization features and particularly focus more on how to find anything on the internet in a easier and reliable way than ever.

Use of Keywords:

Do you wish to search for a particular book or a specific location in the world? Are you confused as to how to get the access to any eBook file on the Internet? Do you want to know more about something through the power of Internet? What would you focus on? KEYWORDS, is what you are looking for.

Google is structured around Keywords. Every URL or Universal Resource Locator or preferable known as web address of a website is composed of keywords given to the Internet by the user (you). When you search for a specific keyword, Google need not worry about all the files on Internet but only the ones which contain the specified Keyword. Searching for the right Keyword will shorten your efforts drastically and improve your search efficiency.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]Google is structured around Keywords[/beautifulquote]

Avoid Use of Unnecessary Tags:

Say you wish to search for the song, “Human” by Christine Perry. Some people would simply search by the Singer name which is more accurate and efficient way. Others might search for the lyrics instead, not being able to recall the name of the singer. However, Google receives thousands of vague search queries such as, “Please search for me the song with lyrics blah blah blah”. This is particularly a gentler way of asking someone, however such vague logic would only make things complicated for the user.

Use of Inspect Element:

Have you ever used the developer options for accessing the Internet? If not, I suggest you to experiment with the Inspect Element tool provided within your browser. Simply Right-Click on the page (make sure no link is selected) and in the menu that appears, select Inspect Element. This gives you access to the front-end architecture of the current web page. Now, you may not know all about what front-end architecture is, or any programming language used to make the web content. However, even a rookie would gain enough confidence to play around with this tool, even if he does not belong to the computer major. You can get access to hidden links, images, and many other cool stuff inside the Inspect Element panel. Inspect Element has made it possible for novice programmers to learn coding and non-programmers to find anything on the Internet.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]You can get access to hidden links, images, and many other cool stuff inside the Inspect Element panel.[/beautifulquote]

Play with the URL:

If you closely watch the URL, you might notice some familiar symbols like the question mark (?) or the and symbol (&). These symbols enclose the value of different variable entries and keywords for the website. Feel free to play around with the URL. Add your keywords directly into the URL to see the web page respond to your commands.

Sometimes, the web page is not protected by a SSL certificate or is vulnerable, it might be a good idea to change the initials of the URL which normally start with “https:” and changing it to “http:”. Removing the ‘s’ ensures that the site does not check for any security filter. This way you can access a website, ultimately one more step towards finding anything on the Internet.

Use Open Libraries and Collections:

There are tens of open libraries available for students to view, upload, download, read online or buy packages in order to access some official books, journals, research papers or ancient scriptures. Visit one of such websites and enjoy the useful content offered by Internet.

To search for content online, is but one of the many applications of Internet. Google puts in a lot of efforts to ensure relevant content gets displayed to you, in the most effective and user friendly manner. The ability of the Internet to search and locate files and content across the world in seconds is phenomenal. However, the Internet is way more powerful than we know. The secrets of Internet will be revealed in the time, soon to come!

*More articles based on the Power of Internet coming soon.

Akshay Varma is a professional writer, blogger, author, programmer, tech hobbyist and android developer. He enjoys the company of life and science. He is the author of two books. He loves writing on variety of topics and his passion is exploring new things. He aspires to become an Android Developer and a humanitarian with a dream to make an impact of the world for the better.

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