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How to Get Pink Lips Naturally

A beautiful, healthy smile isn’t all about your teeth; it’s about your lips too.

While your lips can darken because of everything from low blood circulation and stress to excessive smoking, the effect is not irreversible. Also, bear in mind that without appropriate and consistent lip care your lips won’t stay pink.

So here are some magical remedies for having pink, moisturized, lustrous lips.

1: Lemon juice lightens your dark lips

We all know that lemon has natural bleaching properties. If your lips have become too dark then take a thin slice of lemon. Add sugar on top of it and rub it gently on your lips. This will exfoliate your lips & dead skin on your lips will be sloughed off.

Just after one or two usage the darkness will be removed.

2: Keep your lips moisturized

Lustrous, soft lips are what people die for. Lips require great bit of care and attention for a supple and smooth finish.

you can definitely keep your lips Lustrous and soft by applying desi ghee or butter on your lips. Even vitamin E oil can do miracles for your lips. Don’t use lip balm vigorously for shine as it contains chemicals & can worsen your lips. Instead use this trick for  extravagant shining lips.

Apply a small dab of an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream if there is a cut around your mouth or your lips are extremely chapped and over dry. Try to find out natural ways rather than engraving into chemicals.

3: Avoid Using Lipsticks Every time

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally

Lipsticks are something in trend now. It definitely enhances our look.But some girls swear by them.

Always use lipsticks that are branded & of good quality. Don’t use cheap lipstick as it will damage your lips and don’t ever sleep putting on your lipstick at night. This is the biggest mistake that hampers your lips for lifetime.

4: Exfoliate your Lips

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally

Is exfoliation of lips necessary? The answer to this is yes absolutely. As it is necessary to exfoliate your face, similarly you even need to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin cells.

You can exfoliate your lips twice in a week just by your toothbrush gently to get rid of chapped and dead skin. You can also use sugar and lemon juice to exfoliate your lips. You can also buy lip scrub from the market to make it a bit fancy.

Apart from this drink enough water so that your lips remain hydrated and nourished.

Miraculous Remedy For Beautiful Lips

home remedies for lips

I have two miraculous remedies for pink ,moisturized and even toned lips. I am sharing both of them over here  . You can use any one of it as per your convenience.

Method 1

Ingredients Required

4 tbs Almond oil, 1 tbs grated beeswax, Raw Honey & 1 tbs Peppermint oil


Mix all the ingredients mentioned above and apply it on your lips. Leave it overnight and then clean it out in the morning with plain water.

2nd Method


Shea Butter, Almond oil, Raw Honey,Vitamin E oil Beetroot Juice.


Mix all the above ingredients together and store it in an air tight container. Apply it as a lip balm whenever you want.It can be stored for one month once made.

Some Additional Tips

  • Add Almond Oil and Sugar in a container and mix it well. Use this as a scrub twice a week. This will help in removing the dead skin of your lips and it will make your lips look great.
  • If there is some pigmentation on your lips add some Turmeric powder in the 2nd method ingredients. Turmeric is a very nice skin lightening ingredient. Thus it will help in removing the pigmentation of your lips.
  • Take a cotton and add some rose water in it. Swipe your lips with it twice a day.

We all take care of our face and body but we often forget our lips. Try to pamper your lips as much as you can, with all the goodness of these remedies very easy and simple to use.


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