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Vitamin D Acne Benefits

What is Acne?

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Acne is the inflammation of the hair follicle which is present in our skin, back or faces and mostly a common cause among teenagers during puberty. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands which are attached to the hair follicles are stimulated and causes a bump on the surface of the skin which can be very painful and large. With the increase in oil production, the skin cells mature lately and form the major part in the causing of your teenage acne.

What causes Acne?

Acne is a major trouble among teenagers and most teenagers suffer due to the causing of hormonal as well as puberty acne. Some of them even face insecurities while showing off their looks to their peers. Acne can mostly be caused due to

  • Hormonal imbalances in-between the stages of growing up and achieving puberty.
  • Irregular sleeping patterns or having sleep deprivation due to insomnia or lack of inactiveness.
  • Intake of high sugar efficient diet can cause the major lead of your breakouts.
  • Having less amount of water during a whole day can be the cause of your acne as well.
  • Having a bad diet with foods rich in oil and fats can cause the sebaceous glands to hyperventilate and cause acne in your face.

Even Stress forms a major part of the formation. People get so worked up that they start picking their face which causes the acne to last longer and form dark spots throughout their entire face. However, all these causes explained do not play a direct role in the causing of acne and there are some indirect causes which play to the action as well.

Some of the important causes for which acne are mostly built up are discussed below.

  • Using wrong cosmetics which is improper for your skin and condition

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Have you ever wondered that one foundation which breaks you out even more than the one? This is because the cosmetics form a major part in the causing of small breakouts throughout your entire face. Using cosmetics even when you have a bumpy face (no offence) and applying it regularly can cause irritation of the skin and do more damage than good. Sometimes covering up can make you pay for no good.

  • Heredity

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Sometimes this can be the main cause of acne formation. If your parents have suffered the same fate, you are likely to build up a low resistance towards acne build up in your teenage years. Sometimes this theory can be proven wrong because there are a lot of teenagers who have not suffered the same fate as their parents.

  • Having drugs

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Yes, drugs can be a major part of acne formation. Drugs are bad and no one will ever encourage you to a path where there is no hope. Drugs are basically medications which when gone bad can be the base of open pores and breakouts.

Treatment for your Acne

Don’t worry about the small bumps that appear on your face every now and then. Some of the acne you experience is just hormonal and disappears with ageing. With recent statistics, it is proven that Vitamin D can be a useful solution for acne problems.

What is Vitamin D?

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Vitamin is important for the overall development of your system. Vitamin D is absorbed by your body and converted into a hormone which is then used in the strengthening of your bones, muscles, parts and makes your body work better.

You can have Vitamin D in a source of your foods or supplements. In fact, you also need to go out and enjoy in the sun to acquire Vitamin D for yourself.

How can Vitamin D help you in removing acne?

Deficiency in Vitamin D can also be a factor for your acne. Wondering why and how? Well, sunlight is the source of bodily vitamins and soaking in the rays can actually be useful for you. Without complete interaction, you are likely to develop a less resistance towards a good immune system and your body opens a vault of various difficulties. Vitamin D helps to nourish your endocrine system which in turn maintains a good hormonal balance in your body and lower occurrence of acne.

  • Hormonal Balance

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The main cause discussed for acne in the earlier paragraphs were the imbalances of hormonal development in your body. Suffering from mild acne? Blame it on your hormones for good! With the help of Vitamin D, your body can produce the right amount of hormone needed to protect you from mild breakouts. Your endocrine system is relieved and this, in turn, makes your face look brighter again.

  • Oil Production

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If you notice clearly then you might see that people with oily faces are more likely to develop acne. This is because the oil present in your face causing the clogging of your pores and which in turn stops the hair follicle to rise under pressure and form a bump. Vitamin D reduces oil production and washes away the dead skin cells which cause your acne.

  • Acts as a cooler

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Trust me, pimples are frustrating and they are really painful. Inflammation of the pimples can be caused due to the accumulation of dirt beneath your skin surface. With the help of Vitamin D, you can get rid of the germs and dirt on your skin and it also acts as a cooler to settle down the bump which has been bothering you for over a month now.

  • Clears your Immune System

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As I have mentioned earlier, Vitamin D is a number one cleanser for all the dirt in your body. It helps to build a strong immune system which in turn helps the blemishes to clear in no time.

  • Acts as an antioxidant

You don’t have to pay for the detoxifying facials anymore. With the help of Vitamin D, your face can be smoother, healthier and much fresher since it acts as a top class antioxidant in purifying your skin from beneath.

  • Reduces Wrinkles

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Vitamin D can be the best option for clogging your pores and reducing your wrinkles which makes you look like a thirty going on forty.

  • A great helper for your body acne too

Acne is not just limited to the skin and some of us even have it spread all over on the chest as well as on the back. Vitamin D reduces body acne by eighty per cent and helps in the cooling of rashes which can be irritating.

Researchers have shown that intake of a large amount of Vitamin D is really helpful for the overall functioning of a good immune system. Studies have shown that patient with mild acne has the lesser intake of Vitamin D in their diet while compared to patients with no acne. One must focus on the levels of intake because higher levels can cause mild complications in the body. Sunlight is the primary source of your Vitamin D intake. It is induced to the skin by exposure to direct rays.

Deficiency of sunlight by 48.8% was noticed in patients with acne. The level of (OH) D is also proportionally associated with the severity of acne. The correlation of deficiency of Vitamin D in patients with acne is huge. If you want to start on your Vitamin D regime now then you should probably go out and take it from the sun first before proceeding on your Vitamin D pills. Your body makes a full-time recovery if associated with the exposure of the sunlight. Gradually areas, where climates have less requirement of sunlight, are inhabited by people with acne.

If you want to fight against the deadly bacteria’s and save your skin from a potential damage then it is recommended to stay in the sun for almost an hour. Sunlight can cause your system to flare up the workload and actually help you in a lot more ways as explained earlier. If you need to provide yourself with maximum exposure then you might need to carry a sun scream too so that you don’t burn yourself intentionally.

You will be surprised to know that Vitamin D is not only a healer for your skin but also fixes your hair growth. Out of these all, Vitamin D3 and D4 are the most important form of Vitamin Source you need for your skin. You can get your Vitamin from diet foods too. With a proper[i] balance of juices and eggs, you can achieve good results.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to the following:

  • Poor growth in Children.
  • Poor bone structure and an improper texture formed in the skin.
  • Increase in inflammation of the sebaceous gland of your skin.
  • Increase in breakouts.
  • Irritability to long exposure.
  • Weakness to perform activities.

Thus you know by now that Vitamin D is a lot more help than harm. So get out and have some fun in the warm. You might be able to reduce your acne formation for your activities. And remember to take proper care of your health and your skin.

Since your body is a temple, if you worship it daily then you might get the needed results.



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