Uttarakhand’s cuisine is similar to its people, uncomplicated yet phenomenal. There are 2 distinct regions in UttarakhandKUMAON and GARHWAL, both have conquered the territories of flavors along with nutrition, in their cooking techniques. The cooking style here includes all the essential elements in the diet to keep one prepared for the rough climate.
Some of the popular dishes include-


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Most popular and one of the fundamental dishes of the state, Aaloo(Potatoes) Ke Gutke is a very tasty dish prepared from simple dry spices which are roasted and coated over the potatoes. Aaloo ke Gutke goes best with Puri and traditional “Kheere Ka Raita” (Cucumber and Curd preparation). This is an all-time dish of every “Pahari”.


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A very healthy dish with a high nutritional value is mostly prepared in the winter season. It is prepared from spinach or “lai” {a substitute of mustard leaf} and fenugreek leaves. The dish is preferred to be cooked in an Iron Kadhai (a utensil) to extract more flavors and color with ‘Bhaath‘ ( steaming Rice).


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Basically a Garhwali dish, but is loved by everyone in Uttarakhand. It is a lunch-time dish mainly prepared by soaking ‘Gahat Dal’ and other lentils overnight and cooking it in a pot. Though it has a complex preparation, for such a great taste, complexity loses its gravity.


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Another mind-blowing meal from Garhwal Region is a hasty remedy when you have no or less time to cook. It has a unique recipe and is prepared by adding Buckwheat Flour to the boiling water. It is a complete bowl of nutrients and tastes best when served with ghee.


Image Source Archana’s Kitchen

It is a third dish to hit the list of “Garhwali” delicacies. Basically, prepared by lentils ( Urad or Kali Dal), the dish is cooked by sweltering lentils and then grinding them to a paste, which is then cooked in an iron pot over the slow fire to capture all the authentic flavors intact in the pot, giving it a wonderful earthy taste.


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Another delectable dish prepared out of lentils has its origin in Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. As prepared from lentils, the dish has a high protein content. The ‘Dal‘ or lentils are cooked on a low flame until all the flavors and nutrients of the dal are released in the stock, later the lentils are removed and the soup is served with rice.


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Popular as a winter dish in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand, Dubuk is prepared by soaking the local pulses like Gahat and Bhatt overnight. The soaked pulses are then made into a paste which is then cooked with some spiced aromatics which are powdered, in an iron pot. This is a complete meal overloaded with nutritional value.


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Basically a soupy dish, Churkaani too belongs to the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. This also has a similar procedure of preparation like other lentil dishes. ‘Bhatt’ or ‘Black Beans’ is soaked overnight and then cooked with powdered spices and has a mind-blowing taste. Someone like me can gulp down bowls and bowls of it without any side dishes.


Image Source Veg Indian Recipies

The appetizing dessert, Jhangore Ki Kheer is a popular Garhwali dish. The sweet dish is prepared by a kind of a millet which is called “Jhangore” and is cooked with a number of dry fruits to impart a rich texture to it.


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This is a kind of weird dish coming from Uttarakhand. This is a significant dish from the kitchens of the natives, but it’s not frequently prepared. ‘Sisun‘ which is commonly known as ‘Bichu Ghaas‘ is essentially a plant having thorns all over and you need to be cautious while touching it because it can cause itching in hands for several hours. However, this dish is produced by a kind of calamitous plant. The procedure includes putting the plant in hot water and then making a paste of it. This paste is slowly cooked with Tomato and Ghee.

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