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Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

Along with the splendid architecture and rich culture, Jaipur comprises of outlandish and peculiar cafes. The pink city has left no ends for the visitors to get bored with the uniformity as there are several cafes in and around the city. In order to save you from the hassle, we have a list of 10 quirkiest cafes with amazing interiors and delicious dishes.

1. Tapri Cafe

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

A cup of chai with your friends on the rooftop with a mesmerizing view of the pink city, sounds like a plan? With its wooden interiors and chai served in government office glasses will certainly remind you of your granny mom’s home. The must have at this cafe are Tadka Maggi, Mojito, Sauteed mushrooms, Kesar Chai

2. O2- The Plant Cafe

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

As the name suggests, this rooftop place is surrounded by plants which adds freshness to the ambiance. This place is pocket-friendly for people who prefer a low-budget plan. You certainly must have Pizza, Ravioli, Bruschettas, Pasta Primavera at this reminiscing place. Also, you cannot afford to miss O2 Cafe if you are in search of a peaceful and budget-friendly place in Jaipur.

3. Nibs Cafe

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

Jaipur is famous for its culture and rich traditions, but the pink city is adapting to the new culture at a fast pace. Nibs Cafe is a clear example of Jaipur adapting to hippie culture. The cafe is all colorful and decorated with stylish bird cages to sit. This place is heaven for chocolate, pasta, and milkshake lovers. You ought to try Pasta Alfredo, Hazelnut Frappe and lip-smacking Cookie shake.

4. Taruveda Bistro

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

If you are tired of the monotonous cafes in Jaipur, you should certainly try the Taruveda Bistro. It is a perfect place for the people who have a taste for authentic sushi. It is a perfect blend of authentic food and amazing interiors. And in any case, if you are not willing to try sushi and then you will be glad to know that they also serve giant burgers and crepes too. Do not forget to try Sushi, Tofu Burger, Crepe Suzette, Pepperoni Pizza, and Chicken wings at this fascinating place.

5. The Stag Retro Cafe and Lounge

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

How could you miss the rich heritage of Rajasthan when in Jaipur? The Stage Retro Cafe and Lounge is the right spot for you to savor delectable cuisines with an amazing view of the magnificent Amer Fort. This rooftop cafe not only lets you enjoy the enthralling and rich Rajasthani heritage but also gives you an amazing experience of varied delicious cuisines. You certainly should try Pink Pasta, Cheesy Fries, White Pasta and Sandwiches at this captivating cafe.

6. On The House

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

Besides the satisfying and genuine Rajasthani thali, you people can also get a cup of freshly brewed coffee and fascinating European delights sitting right in Jaipur. This elegant cafe in Jaipur serves various flavors straight from Europe and it’s certainly not going to leave you disappointed. Thus, the next time when you visit the Pink city, do not definitely miss out on the rich taste of the varied delicacies including Chicken Burritos, Mocktails, Waffles, and  Pasta.

7. Jai’pour Café & Bar

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

The freshest 
popular rooftop of the people of Jaipur is certainly, Jai’pour café and bar, a place that transports one to Greece. It is not just the interiors but the beautiful bougainvillea that is spread across the rooftop of the place reminds you of Greece. It not only serves some astounding dishes but is also popular for the variations in drinks that it offers. Besides a diverse menu, the place is also recognized to introduce Alcoholic Bantas, the first of its kind in the city.

8. Mamu’s Infusion Restaurant

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

Apparently, it is the first rooftop restaurant of Jaipur and a perfect hangout place for all the foodie’s out there in Jaipur. With an astonishing mix of Italian, Chinese, North Indian and not to forget the mesmerizing Falafels, this place should be your premier choice if you are a hardcore food lover.

9.  Ta Blu 

Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

Ta Blu at Clarks Amer is one of the oldest rooftops in the city and is recognized for its astounding ambiance and a wide variance of domestic and international liquor for its customers. The ambiance of this place filled with white and blue also depicts the vibrant heritage of the city.

10. Loft 18
Top 10 Cafes of Jaipur!

Loft18 is added on to the list of elegant new cafes in Jaipur. Embellished with beautiful fairy lights and flower pots it is a perfect hangout point to spend your day in peace, away from the mayhem of the city. And it is not just the interior, but the luscious taste of panini and four cheese pizza that will just make your taste buds go wow. You definitely must try`the chocolate bomb, brownie extravaganza, thin crust pizza & hot chocolate.

SO, if you are planning to visit The Pink City any soon, then you should definitely try these cafes while exploring and experiencing the exquisite architectures and heritage of Jaipur.


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