10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Mumbai has a lot of cafes that have been specifically designed to provide people with a fascinating experience. Mumbai is altogether famous for its fast-paced life and hustle, nevertheless, it is also famous for its food and old cafe culture. There are a lot of cafes in Mumbai which are famous for its enthralling interiors, energetic crowd and enthusiasm. These cafes are located in the local streets of Mumbai and stand out from the mainstream cafe chains. Here’s a list of cafes which not only have delicious dishes but also have quirky interiors.

1. Kala Ghoda Cafe

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

This attractive cafe which is located in the Fort area has the most frequent visitors all day long.  It is one of the most-packed cafes in the area. Kala Ghoda Cafe is famous for delicious roasted chicken, carrot cake, waffles, chocolate cake, hot chocolate or cappuccino. It is certainly a place if you want to hang out with your friends. Although it has quick service you will have to wait for a table as it is compact and heavily crowded most of the times. It also offers amazing options for brunch. Along with delectable food, cappuccino, and quirky interiors, this cafe also serves you with good wifi.

2. Cafe Mondegar

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Cafe Mondegar is located in one of the busiest streets of Mumbai. Also, it is a very popular landmark in Colaba. The interior walls, ceilings as well as the entrance are decorated with the cartoons of renowned Indian cartoonist, Mario Miranda. The cafe is not only popular for its amazing selection of Italian, continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine but also has a very polite staff. It is also known for its ambiance. Cafe Mondegar is mostly crowded with vibrant people but it has most visitors during the late hours in the evening.

3. Leopold Cafe

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Since 1871, Leopold Cafe has been an incredible spot of attraction for people. It is one of the remarkable landmarks in the location of Colaba Causeway. It is not only popular for its amazing varied cuisine but also for a variety of fresh juices, milkshakes, teas, coffee, and cocktails. Its interiors will certainly remind you of your college canteen and the walls of the cafe are something that you definitely cannot miss out on. Leopold has amazing quick service but you might have to wait for some time during weekends for your table. Unquestionably, it is the place if you are looking out for chilling with your buddies.

4. The Bagel Shop

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

This small cafe and bagel shop located in Bandra is popular for its small delicious low-gluten bagels and Irani chai. It is also famous for its bagel sandwiches like the chorizo bagel sandwich, with sausages from Anton in Goa. Besides these, the café also serves coffee, shakes, salads, pasta, and delicious cakes. Oftenly you will find writers glued to their laptops or some passionate readers with books and a cup of coffee. This low-key place is certainly for bagel lovers looking for some isolation with their passion.

5. Jamjar Diner

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Jamjar cafe located in Bandra is a place with a pleasant ambiance, energetic music, and board games. It has two outlets in Mumbai. The decor has been kept simple and you are welcomed with good music coming off the Jukebox. It serves you with an amazing choice of menu including pasta, burgers, waffles, salads, coffees, mojitos and more. Babaghanoush (cooked with eggplants) and a fresh zucchini dip with pita, and the mushroom toast are amazing. You definitely cannot miss on Crispy Chicken, Pasta, Nachos, and Marshmallow Detox Juice.

6. Prithvi Cafe, Juhu

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Located in Juhu, Prithvi Cafe is the place if you are looking for good ambiance combined with amazing food. Prithvi Cafe has left no loopholes be with food, service ambiance or money. It is an ideal place not only for romantic dates but also for chilling out with friends. Apple cinnamon muffin and cheesecake are a must to try. Besides these it also famous for its delicious food, Suleimani kadak chai, and Irish coffee. This is the place you must visit if you are in search of good food and star-studded glamour under one roof with an icing of mesmerizing ambiance and interiors.

7. Le 15 Cafe, Colaba

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Owned and Created by Pooja Dhingra and Pablito Agular, the cafe designed with French style is a popular dessert parlor. It is certainly heaven for chocolate admirers. The cool and vibrant colors of the cafe interiors along with traditional French design are eye-catching. It is also ranked as one of the finest patisseries and cafes in South Mumbai. Cupcakes, tarts, choux pastries and macarons are a must try at Le 15 cafe. The menu also consists of a tortellini dish with spinach, basil, ricotta cheese, bechamel sauce, and mushrooms. So, if you want to experience mini-Paris along with delectable dishes, Le 15 cafe is the place for you.

8. Grand Mama’s Cafe

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

This cafe is essentially famous for good desserts, American cuisine, and exciting drinks. But its cute interiors, ambiance, and decor cannot be ignored as they are like icing on the cake. And to top it all it is an all-day cafe with very polite staff and some delectable food like barbeque chicken, pizzas, mocktails, and risottos.  The café opens at 8 am with an amazing all-day breakfast menu of eggs, cereals, freshly baked bread, waffles, and cold press juices. The menu has various dishes that can make you drool from ravioli to shepherd’s pie, Kheema Pav, and Rajma Chawal. Also if you are missing home-made meal Grand Mama’s cafe is the place for you. It has multiple outlets in Mumbai.

9. Leaping Windows

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Leaping Windows located in Andheri is a cozy place for caffeine and book lovers. So if you are a person who can spend the entire day with coffee and books this is the place for you. Pancakes are a must try over anything else if you are visiting here for the first time. You definitely should not miss on Cajun Chicken Burger, Nutella Stuffed Pancake, and cinnamon coffee. Also, the place has amazing service. So Leaping windows would be the perfect place for a comic lover looking for breakfast and coffee date place.

10. Fat Man’s Cafe

10 Best Cafes in Mumbai, you absolutely must not miss out on!

Fat Man’s Cafe menu offers delicious continental and Italian cuisine, with amazing music and sublime ambiance, making it popular among youngsters. It has two outlets in Mumbai; Bandra and Andheri. It has a very budget-friendly menu with wide variety of options including soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts. The Mac n Cheese pizza and the Pumpkin Ricotta Ravioli are a must have.

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