Best Restaurants In Bangalore For A Perfect Date


Have a special date? Trying to woe the special one? Planned it yet? If no, then don’t worry we are here for you like always. Dates are special and the first one is a lot more! But in the busy life today, we have everything but time!

Best Restaurants In Bangalore For A Perfect Date

So what to do? For starters, you can buy the special one a gift that they have wanted for so long or may be some magic of DIY but what an amazing candle light dinner can do is just irreplaceable. Yes nothing says “I want to be with you” better than a dinner date.

A sweet, romantic candlelight dinner on rooftop so says that you are the one! So, for all the Bangalore lovers, here is the list of the top 5 best roof top restaurants that you can go to and have a romantic night with your loved ones. And plus point, if you have already planned, do make note of these because you can’t ever have too much of time with each other!

So let us give some ultra-fancy touch to the date night and when you are in Bangalore, there is no other place with so much of panache. Situated at the 30th floor of the World Trade Center  , this restaurant reeks of style and romance.  Talking about the menu here, this restaurant is famous for its myriad cuisines which you can enjoy with the amazing sky kissing view of the city.

Best Restaurants In Bangalore For A Perfect Date

  • Vapour Pub & Brewery, Indiranagar

Now if both of you are just party lovers and social animal, this is the touch down point people. Being an amazingly famous place, this one is always filled with fun loving people who. The interiors are quite impressive as well with the right combination of blue, yellow and green lights. The food is great here and the fun is multiplied a thousand times by the well brewed beers for which this place is famous for. But in case you want to have a quiet evening, you can give this place a miss for the day.

Best Restaurants In Bangalore For A Perfect Date

  • The Tao Terraces, M.G Road

Talking about this, the interiors are just amazing with wood work and dim yellow light which will just take your date’s breath away in night. With comfortable bean bag chairs and the cute wooden sofas this place is just right if you are just beginning to know each other. The place is famous for is Pan-Asian food and the superbly stocked bar.

Best Restaurants In Bangalore For A Perfect Date

  • Puma Social Club, Indiranagar

Here you have the option to sit either outside as well as inside. But you will not want to miss dinner in the cool breeze with your date. The bar is a special attraction here with all that you can ever want and imagine. Adding to this is the amazing menu which makes it a heaven for both vegetarians and non- vegetarians.

Best Restaurants In Bangalore For A Perfect Date

  • Skyye Bar, Lavelle Road

Well, spend some fortune on your date and take her to this amazing place. Situated amongst the stars on the 16th floor of UB City, the floor alone is lit so magically with neon lights that it will make you leave everything and shake that booty.

Best Restaurants In Bangalore For A Perfect Date

So have fun! Hope we have helped you in the search for the perfect place for the perfect person!

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