Success, the thing that fails the most!

What a powerful quote by someone – “Success, the thing that fails the most!” It is rightly observed that when we become most successful we become the most vulnerable. With success comes along a lot of bonuses like inefficiency, pride and being defensive. We start loving ourselves so much that we forget being humble to the rest of the world. Although the same does not happen with everyone, but many amongst us when successful becomes too happy with our own selves and we become idle. We start behaving as if everything is for granted and we begin protecting our success. We forget to experiment and to take new risks in the life.

Understand the following three character traits we often fall victim of which guarantees our success to turn into failures: –

  • Arrogance in attitude – A belief starts taking birth inside us that when we become successful that we will always remain in the same state of success. We become bias and see only good thing and we bury the negatives and the bad times we have passed and the struggles we made previously. When it comes to a business or a company we often forget the power of our competitors and we begin to behave as if the customers are just helping us to gain money rather than individuals and human beings. Arrogance eventually brings an individual much below gradually.Arrogance kills
  • Nature of defensiveness – When human beings begin to get successful in life they start nurturing a feeling of defensiveness in them. They begin to think that no one other than them is competent and no one can ever bring them down. The wrong concept that no one can be better becomes our thought 24 hours. We tend to become too sensitive towards criticisms and we become rude whenever someone criticizes us. Such defensiveness in our characters is really harmful.Defensiveness makes you weak
  • Being always secured in our own shells – When we taste success in our lives we become possessive. We start protecting our safety and we start keeping ourselves far away from hardship and struggles. Our sense of inner security makes us lazy and we stop experimenting. We stop exploring new things and keep ourselves enclosed in the present. Life has a tendency to change. Nothing in life is constant.Being too secured is dangerous.

Hence, to avoid such failures one must never develop the above characteristics. One must understand the simple fact of life that the more successful you are the more humble behavior is expected. Once one becomes a responsible person then one must always be responsible in nature. To stop doing the things that made you successful means to stop progressing towards the uphill and to slide down at the bottom fast.

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