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Ways To Avoid Laziness And Get To Work

Does the alarm that rings on a Monday morning irritates you? Well, it’s not just the case with you. It is very common and usual to feel lethargic. You may feel like lying on the bed or your couch is the best thing in the whole world. Or maybe an addition, lying on the couch, watching T.V. and then sleeping seems more suitable. It is very difficult to wake yourself up on a winter morning and go to school/college/work.



Ways To Kill Lethargy And Work


1. Tell Yourself That Everyone Is Doing Something Productive

Competition and work pressure positively work to kill lethargy. Well, it seems like a difficult task. But all you have to do is to tell yourself, “I have slept enough. I know this truth. I want to work and make this day a productive day. My body is telling me the opposite. Well, somewhere in my heart, I know what’s right. And the right thing according to my conscience is to wake up, get ready and go to work. If I keep sleeping, I’ll miss out all the positive vibes that I may get by going to work.” SO, LET;S GET UP!


2. Think About The Happiness That Work Might Bring To You

Sleep might give you temporary happiness. And I am not asking you to not sleep. Sleep because that’s one of the most important thing in life. But, make sure you don’t sleep extra than what your body needs. When you wake up and go to work, and enthusiastically work, then the happiness that you will get then cannot be compared to the temporary happiness that sleep might give to you.

3. Set A Target

Tell yourself that if you work each day and wake up on time, then you will gift yourself a pleasant and fun filled weekend. Whatever makes you achieve your target, put that thing as the reward. Try it, it actually helps


Simran Bhola
Simran Bhola
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