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Top 25 unique professional courses

It’s normal to be wary of online courses if you’ve spent your entire life following the traditional educational path — physical classrooms and face-to-face instruction. Even if a major portion of the youthful population is tech-savy, few can simply accept the concept of online education.

People have a lot of questions before they start taking online classes. Do they promise a learning experience that is comparable to on-campus classroom courses? Are firms willing to accept online certifications? Will the course be appropriate for my current lifestyle and financial situation? Fortunately for you, the answers to all of these questions are affirmative.

If you’re wondering why learning online courses, you can expect a wholesome learning experience from most online courses because reputable institutions, universities, and learning institutes provide cutting-edge online programmes. While online courses were not exactly popular a decade ago, times have changed, and organisations all over the world now recognise online qualifications from reputable and recognised learning institutions.

If you still want to learn more and are debating whether or not to take online courses, we can establish that you are keen in knowing more about the advantages of doing so. If you stick with us until the end, you’ll learn about the best online courses.

1. Master Of Science In Machine Learning And AI

This 18-month programme is India’s only online M.Sc in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for professionals. The curriculum is recognised by the WES (World Education Services), offers over 30 case studies and ten capstone projects. Mentors from Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom teach the students.

Statistics and exploratory data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and reinforcement learning are all important topics covered. In the last week, students learn about several research approaches and write a Master’s dissertation.

2. PG Diploma In Data Science

This 12-month course is ideal for those who want to grasp the principles of Data Science. It is designed for working professionals. It includes over 60 projects and 14 programming tools to provide learners with hands-on learning opportunities.

Furthermore, you have the option of choosing between five specialisation tracks: deep learning, natural language processing, business intelligence/data analytics, business analytics, and data engineering. After completing the course, you will be qualified for positions such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer in the Data Science field.

3. PG Diploma In Machine Learning And AI

Data Science Tool Kit, Statistics and Exploratory Data Analytics, Machine Learning – I, Machine Learning – II, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Deployment & Capstone Projects are among the eight courses covered in this 12-month diploma course.

Learners can also use Python, Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, MySQL, NLTK, and AWS to complete case studies, live projects, and various Data Science assignments. By providing targeted mentorship from industry professionals, peer-to-peer networking, hackathons, and other activities, the school promises 360-degree career support.

4. Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM)

This two-year management programme is structured into six trimesters and includes four specialisation tracks: Business Management, Retail Management, Banking Insurance & Finance Service, and Information Technology.

Marketing management, human resource management, financial management, managerial economics, managerial accounting, organisational behaviour, data analytics, statistics, strategic management, and supply chain management are among the topics covered. Students earn a PDGM certification from BIMTECH, one of India’s top private B-schools, upon completion of the course.

5. PG Program In Management (PGPM)

This 11-month programme is designed for sales/marketing professionals, managers, IT experts, and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about leadership and management. Business growth plans, marketing strategies, interpersonal and communication skills, strategic thinking and planning, leadership, structured thinking and problem-solving, time management, and project management are all covered in this course.

Case studies, live projects, and offline peer-to-peer networking events are all suggested ways for students to obtain practical experience. The best part about this programme is that, in addition to getting a PGPM certification from IMT Ghaziabad, it also offers up a slew of global job options.

6. Executive Program In Blockchain Technology Management

This 5-month curriculum focuses on Blockchain technology, which is currently one of the most popular subjects in the industry. By teaching students how to think and act like a Blockchain consultant, the course uses an application-based learning approach.

The course offers diverse topics, such as Blockchain Network & Architecture, Blockchain Technology Management Blockchain Delivery & BRD Creation, and Blockchain Testing including other subjects. In addition, trainees develop their real-world Blockchain skills through case studies, coursework, and offline seminars.

7. Product Management Certification Program

Growth Product Management, Data Science for Product Management, and Digital Transformation are the three specialisation tracks in this 6-month course. Product Analytics, Retention & Engagement Growth Strategies, Acquisition & Activation Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Introduction to Data Science PM Role, Fundamentals of Data, Analytics & Statistics, Data Visualization & Data Pipelines, Design Thinking for PMs, and Main Pillars of Digital Transformation are just a few of the topics covered.

8. Global Master Certificate In Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM)

This 6-month course will teach students how to integrate the supply chain’s ley wings (procurement, operations, and logistics management), implement the best-suited supply chain design for a business/company, streamline logistical processes by redesigning market distribution strategy development, execution, and management, and increase a company’s competitive advantage by integrating IT with logistics.

9. Global Professional Certificate In Effective Leadership & Management

The application-based learning strategy is used in this 3-month programme to assist applicants to become competent leaders/managers. It teaches learners how to apply diverse management and leadership theories for specific business difficulties, as well as the principles of leadership management and analytical problem-solving.

Students have several opportunities to communicate with teachers via live discussion boards, quizzes, and interactive workshops. The course is taught by Michigan State University’s best lecturers and mentors.

10. Master Of Science In Computer Science

This 18-month master’s programme is designed to assist students to get a thorough understanding of computer science, particularly software development. Students learn about OOP, Data Structures, Full-Stack Development, Big Data, and other programming fundamentals. Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain Development, DevOps, Full-Stack Development, and Cybersecurity are among the six specialisations available.

Students will be well-versed in the nitty-gritty of computer systems, advanced programming, and research procedures in Computer Science and Software Development at the end of the course.

11. PG Certification In Front-End Development 

This is a seven-month course that covers requirements analysis, design and prototyping, integration and testing, module-level implementation and unit testing, data structures, user interfaces, and user experience, among other topics. Students polish their real-world skills by working on collaborative projects, case studies, and assignments with a variety of tools such as Java, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, JUnit, HTML, and CSS.

12. PG Certification In Big Data 

This 7-month certification programme teaches students the fundamentals of Big Data, with a concentration on Python. Students learn about a variety of Python libraries as well as popular Big Data tools such as Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Spark, and Kafka.

They also learn about distributed systems, programming models, distributed algorithms, and distributed programming patterns, as well as Big Data processing, batch vs. stream processing, in-memory processing, data warehousing, NoSQL and object databases, and more.

13. PG Certification In Cybersecurity

This 7-month curriculum is a wonderful choice for IT and cybersecurity aficionados, as cybersecurity is one of the most important components for businesses and organisations of all kinds and industries. Data Structures, Cryptography, Data Secrecy, and Integrity Requirements, Digital Signatures, User Authentication, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Database Security, and Cloud Application Security are just a few of the topics covered.

14. PG Diploma In Full Stack Development

This 12-month programme covers everything students need to know about full-stack development. Through live lectures and interactive online learning sessions with academic members and industry executives, they learn how to construct scalable websites, backend APIs, and Interactive Web UIs.

Several case studies and exercises are included in the curriculum, as well as a complete set of tools for working on Full-Stack projects. This diploma will qualify you for positions such as Frontend Developer, Full-Stack Developer, UI Developer, and Backend Developer, among others.

15. PG Diploma In Cloud Computing.

The goal of this 12-month diploma programme is to teach students how to succeed in Cloud Computing. They study the fundamentals of cloud infrastructure, data structures, and algorithms, as well as how to build and deploy native Cloud apps and use Virtual Machines (VMs). This certification will assist applicants to create a career as a Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Software Developer, and Cloud Administrator, as Cloud Computing is an in-demand skill in the current work market.

16. PG Diploma In DevOps

This 12-month programme focuses on DevOps, with topics such as best DevOps practises, software lifecycles, SDLC procedures, and designing and managing CICD pipelines covered. While working on real-world projects, students receive in-depth knowledge of the agile approach for integration and deployment. Candidates can work as DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Backend Developers, Software Developers, Security Engineers, and Automation Architects after completing the course.

17. PG Diploma in Graphic Design

If blank papers and sketch pens have always piqued your interest, and you spend the majority of your free time drawing and doodling, it’s time to take your hobby to the next level and learn graphic design online. A graphic design course that lasts five to eight months will teach you the fundamentals of colour theory, logo design, layout, and more. Try your hand at Photoshop and other popular graphic design tools to learn how to develop unique websites and much more if you have a creative bent of mind, especially when it comes to expressing ideas through sketching and designing.

18. Data Analysis course

You can assist firms to make better business decisions by learning data analysis and evaluating transaction data and other types of data that aren’t recorded by traditional business intelligence platforms. The duration of online data analysis is 5 to 8 months. On weekdays, you can learn via online videos or in-person classroom sessions with teachers. Many businesses and online business schools offer Big Data and business analytics courses in which you’ll learn how to create, test, and analyse data.

19. Online MBA

These days, online MBA programmes are highly popular, especially among working people who cannot afford to attend a full-time MBA programme. Several notable institutions offer online MBA programmes. They follow the same curriculum as full-time MBA programmes, with the exception that online MBA courses are shorter and offer more flexible schedules to accommodate working professionals.

20. PG(DM) in Social Media Marketing

If you operate a business, you need to tell the world about it, and what better method to do so than through social media? Social Media Marketing is a term that refers to the use of social That is why online classes are becoming more popular. The training emphasises branding and communication, content marketing, and marketing analytics as major takeaways. 

It is feasible to study social media marketing in as little as three months, however, full-time effort typically takes six months. Social media marketing is the advertising of your brand online via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, and since everyone is social these days, what could be the better strategy to attract your target audience?

21. Post Graduate in Programming

The Executive Post Graduate Curriculum is a 12-month online programme that focuses on developing practical knowledge and abilities, building a professional network, and accelerating entry into data science employment for working professionals. Setting up a website necessitates the use of programming. There are many different programming languages to learn. To run a programme successfully, programmers write algorithms in programming languages. Learn to program online and assist in the solving of complex codes on the back-end to allow programmes to operate smoothly on the front-end of a website if you are interested in solving complex algorithms.

22. Online Certification in  App Development

When was the last time you used your PC to place an online order or book a ticket? No? This is because you’ve been utilising smartphone applications for everything you can do online, from grocery shopping to reading the news to booking taxis, and so on? Learn how to make creative apps that will aid people in their daily lives by taking an online course in app development. Udemy is one of the best places to study and enhance your app development abilities for Android and iOS. You can study Java, Node.js, Python, C#, and other Object-Oriented Programming languages, for example, which are required to begin developing mobile apps.

23. Diploma in Film Making

Those who are curious about what happens behind the camera might enrol in an online film making school to master the basics. People who have always been interested in filmmaking but have been unable to pursue a career in the field can enrol in a short-term online course to learn how to direct their short films and feature films. In this NFTS course with award-winning animators, you’ll learn stop motion, 2D, CGI, and pixilation animation methods.

24. Photography course

For any type of task, whether personal or professional, good images are required. When you own an e-commerce company, you need good images of yourself and your friends to promote on social media, you need good photos of your travels, and you need good photos of your products. A collection of images can be used to tell a story. It’s no surprise that photography has become so popular in recent years. Online photography courses are also available from a variety of institutions. You can freelance or work for ad agencies, television stations, and other companies once you’ve completed your training.

25. Human Resource Management

Try Human Resource Management if you believe you have good managerial skills, particularly the ability to manage and collaborate with people at work. This is one profession where there will always be a great demand for workers, and establishing your worth can be lucrative. Online, look for a decent HR management course.

Thankfully, there are now a plethora of online courses available that allow us to study anything we desire from the comfort of our own homes, and we can do so in addition to our regular schooling or work. Most online courses are shorter than traditional courses, and you will receive certification upon completion.

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