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Liberal Arts: Top 5 Colleges in India and the Courses they Offer

Like “Experiential Learning” being considered the education norm in India, there is another norm for the students, and this norm is called Liberal Education. It is a multi-disciplinary and broad-spectrum approach that is now very popular in India’s universities and colleges. It is a new wave in the form of a 3-year degree that includes skill development and also knowledge in various domains and subjects. Top Liberal Arts colleges in India are offering courses to students that broaden their scope of employment opportunities.

Many colleges in India are offering Liberal arts courses, and they have designed their curriculum in a manner that provides an opportunity for students to choose various subjects.

Students go for combinations such as Psychology as a major subject and History as a minor subject or Mathematics as a major and Philosophy as a minor. There are several job opportunities available for an Arts graduate in sectors such as consulting, banking, media, and advertising, public relations, teaching and research, government organizations, etc.

If you want to explore diverse fields and also study arts subjects, this blog is for you. Read on further to know about various subjects offered in arts courses. Also, learn about the top liberal arts colleges in India.

What is Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts education is a traditional program covering four major areas: Social Science, Natural Science, Humanities, and Arts. Students take up the study of Liberal Education immediately after school. This would help build a base for students to expand their knowledge and make their careers in diverse fields. When it comes to liberal studies, most colleges and universities generally provide students with courses such as Bachelor of Arts (BA), where students get to choose their minor and major liberal arts subjects.

Most colleges have a foundation period where the subjects are introduced, and also students can decide and pick a combination that suits best their interests and career goals. This comprehensive and flexible approach ensures that every student learns how to think critically and also communicate effectively. These include research skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, oral skills, and writing skills.

Top Liberal Arts Colleges in India 

If colleges are affiliated with India’s government universities, they offer a three-year course with an optional diploma/certificate year. The beauty of Liberal Arts is that students can combine subjects of their interest that might have otherwise been considered “academically incompatible.” One can experiment with the possible combinations without any limitations. While students can pick Business Studies as their Major, their Minor can be a subject from an entirely different study vertical, say Anthropology!

Traditional courses are unidirectional; it is imperative for today’s students to have diverse skill sets. The array of arts subjects offered at Liberal Arts Colleges in India have therefore made this diversity a possible achievement. If you want to study liberal education, here is a list of top liberal arts colleges that will work as a guide to pursue arts in India.

Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts: Top 5 Colleges in India and the Courses they Offer

1. Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

The Liberal Arts and Humanities course at Jindal School prepares a student in a manner that makes him job-ready. The Jindal School of Arts & Humanities is designed in a manner that encompasses a large number of literary subjects along with subjects that require an analytical approach. 

Jindal School of Liberal Arts allows students to choose their majors and minors from various courses as the scope of liberal arts in India is increasing. These courses include Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Integrated Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Business Management, Law, and Education. 

When it comes to studies and education at Jindal, it instills a unique strategy to educate, making it a university with a difference.

To foster a spirit of inquiry and contemplation the college focuses on many skill-building activities. 

2. FLAME University

FLAME University is the pioneer of Liberal Education in India. The university deals with various disciplinary courses and specializations. Besides, it aims to expose students to multiple domains, which allows them to grow personally and professionally. The multidisciplinary nature of the university’s courses enables students to take up studies in cognate disciplines such as Social Science, Humanities, Physical and Natural Science, and Performing Arts.

Flame University draws many students for undergraduate courses that are pursued in an academically enriching environment. Students get B.A / B.A(Hons.)/ B.Sc./B.Sc (Hons)/ BBA (Communications Management) degree according to the subjects offered during graduation. FLAME University adds value to the learning process by incorporating crucial components. This includes Critical Reasoning, Academic Writing, and also I.T Literacy for students pursuing the Liberal Arts program.

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3. Ashoka University for Liberal Arts

A university that has carved a niche for itself in the field of Liberal Arts education is Ashoka University. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and also doctoral courses in various fields, including Liberal Studies, Science, Arts, Humanities, etc. The university has students coming from over 27 counties across the globe.

The Liberal Arts program at Ashoka University focuses on interdisciplinary courses. The Liberal Arts course is designed in a manner that equips a student with a skill set to increase his efficiency at work and be adaptable to work in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual workplace. Students have to appear for Ashoka Aptitude Test followed by an essay and a personal interview round. Two programs that help this University to stand out from the rest. These include The Ashoka Scholars Programme and the Young India Fellowship program.

4. Loyola College

Loyola College is one of India’s top colleges, located in Chennai, that offers various courses which include Arts, Science, Management, and also Commerce. It is known to be one of the aspirants’ best options to tune their career with outstanding knowledge on a particular subject and discipline. Besides, at Loyola College, practical experience is accompanied by ethics and moral values.

Students from all parts of the country compete for limited seats in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Quality and discipline, the two significant factors considered at Loyola College make it a pioneer institute. The college has various departments in the School of Excellence, and these departments include Commerce, Economics, Human Excellence, Life Sciences. Media Studies, Computation Studies, Physical Sciences, Physical Education, and Service Learning.

Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts: Top 5 Colleges in India and the Courses they Offer

5. Azim Premji University- Liberal Arts Course

Azim Premji University is one of the prestigious academic institutions offering Liberal Arts courses to students who have cleared 12th class. The interdisciplinary areas that students study are Development, Sustainability, Education and Media, Society, and Development along with the undergraduate program. Students can pursue majors in Sciences (Physics/ Biology), Mathematics, Economics, and Humanities where they receive a Bachelor of Science degree.

Students have another option of receiving a dual degree if they opt for a B.Sc. B.Ed program which is for four years. There are vast numbers of exciting career opportunities for a Liberal Arts graduate from Azim Premji University. Candidates who are keen to study the Liberal Arts course at Azim Premji University should go through the selection process from the link mentioned below.


Liberal Arts is not a new concept in India anymore. As you can see from the list of arts subjects and colleges above, it is slowly being more accepted, moreover, even encouraged. Take some time to understand what each course provides, find out which one suits you the best, and pursue it.

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