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Steps To Learn And Improve English

Nowadays, knowing and speaking good English has become so important that if a person cannot understand the language, there will be a feeling of being ridiculed. Thus, it makes the person feel down and anyhow makes the person uncomfortable. English is a widely spoken language in the whole world and is considered to be known to everyone. You might be thinking, why should you have to know this language or if you know how you can improve your English speaking skills? Is it really important to learn this language? Or do you want to learn this language without moving anywhere?

The answer to all your questions is YES. This mystery is because it will open the door of opportunities and make a way to success. Thus, it will give you a chance to connect with many people, invent new ideas, learn new things etc. . Additionally, English is a treasure, reading magical books, the abundance of scientific studies, movies, dance, music further everything. 

Hence, now you are ready to speak English but the obstacle arises how should you begin? 

How should I begin to learn English?

Woman learning english online
Woman learning english online

On the whole, it only needs your time, efforts, practise and patience. To do this go for a self-introspection test to know where you stand. There are many tools and applications which can help you in assessing the level of your language. In conclusion, Here is an English speaking online app where one can know their level of the language. Hence, when you know your level then you can easily start learning. 

Ways To Improve “English Speaking”, Reading & Writing

Woman English teacher holding notepad in hand with text do you speak english
Woman English teacher holding notepad in hand with text do you speak english

Accordingly, we should keep in mind that we won’t give up until we succeed when we have begun. With personal experience, there is no need to step back nor to lose confidence; you just need to practice and achieve your goal. 

# practice makes the man perfect. 

1. Be A Part Of Group Discussion: A Way To Improve English

#more you speak, more you learn 
Steps To Learn And Improve English

Conclusively being a part of the group discussion is a relaxed and best way to learn English. Thus, consider it is a relaxed option that no one will judge you or give you any marks based on your “English speaking”. Here you have to just speak and achieve the fluency of speaking. Most importantly there is no need to be afraid while speaking even if you know you are wrong.

Efforts To improve english

  • Memorise those words.
  • Remember new words.
  • Converse in English regularly (most importantly in your class). and,
  • Try to make sentences from newly learned words.  

Result of GD

  • You will get to learn new words. 
  • Leads to growth in speaking skills.
  • Builds confidence.

2. Pronunciation and Skills

# learns skills, to reach hills.
Steps To Learn And Improve English

Now you have reached a stage where you can speak English confidently. Further from here, the next step begins i.e. to learn and improve the pronunciation of words and the accent of English speaking. These both qualities work parallelly. While you will be working on pronunciation your skills will take an unexpected turn automatically. 

But simultaneously don’t get confused by the accent of the language. As the American and British accent is different

Efforts To improve english

  • Listen closely (i.e. how words and sounds are pronounced).

Eg:- let me= lemme

Let me finish my work= lemme finish my work.

  • Try to copy those tones in which the word is pronounced.


  • An acceptable grip of the English language. or,
  • Improvement in speaking skills.

3. Vocab, Phrases and Idioms

#Research of phrases leads you to "speak English" at different phases. 
Steps To Learn And Improve English

However, The more words you add to your dictionary and the more phrases & idioms you learn, the more flexible you will be with language. Thus, it will be a cakewalk for you to speak the language. Moreover, the continuous use of idioms and phrases will make your sentences short and meaningful. Interestingly, that is a good sign of an English speaker. 

Efforts To improve english

  • Use your senses to learn English;

Watch English movies, read books, listen to the news.

  • Write a diary in English.
  • Try to remember words. 


  • Your sentences will be shorter as well as impressive though meaningful. 

Eg:- very easy = piece of cake, to be very happy = cloud nine

  • You will become an easygoing speaker and learner. 

4. Reading, Writing, Listening & “Speaking English

#don't limit yourself
Steps To Learn And Improve English
Basic language skills. Read, Write, Speak, Listen.

Consequently, to enumerate the best way to go hand in hand with English is to listen, read, and write. However, to improve these skills one must download English radio or podcasts apps, read books or can start writing a diary. Thus, it will take effort but will ensure you the best version of your skills.

Efforts To improve english

  • Listen to radio or news while you are committed to the gym or giving your attention to your computer. 
  • Try to understand what is being said. 
  • Don’t just let go of the things which have gone over your head. 
  • Note down the words and search for them to get the exact meaning.
  • Try to learn definitions of the words along with their meanings.


  • Improvement in reading, listening and speaking.
  • An abundance of knowledge.
  • Beginning of change in accent.

5. Stay Motivated

#you will never have time, you have to make time
Steps To Learn And Improve English
motivate yourself to speak and improve your English skills.

Thus, Now you have reached this point that there is no chance to step back. Consequently, if you think that someone will come and motivate you, there is nothing left with you. Hence, this is because it is all about you; the work is yours, you want to learn so how anyone else can be liable to inspire you. 

Efforts To improve english

  • Stay committed to your goal. 
  • Never step back.


  • You will get trained to converse with people across the world.

6. Practise Everyday

# practice makes the man perfect
Steps To Learn And Improve English
practice concept will help you in maintaining continuity with respect to learn fluent English.

As we want to get things done within a couple of minutes or seconds. But, good things take time to get fulfilled. Similarly, the same is here. Indeed, you just have to commit yourself, nothing else. Once you are into the language then there won’t be anyone to take you out. Hence, the more you practise the more perfect you become. 

Efforts To improve english

  • Continuity is a must, there should not be any break in the sessions. 
  • Be within limits, thus don’t get too much into the language that you get sick of it. 
  • Never give up on learning English.


  • Perfection will start reflecting in your speech. 
  • You will crave to learn new things. 

7. Train yourself to think in English 

#Don't afraid to make mistakes
Steps To Learn And Improve English
Steps To Learn And Improve English

However,  mistakes are the biggest fear when we are going to learn a new thing and become an obstacle in our target. So, you should keep trying and have to train yourself. You might be thinking about how to train yourself? Just become your teacher and ask questions to yourself, never resist thinking in English, become brave to make mistakes. 


  • you may sit in front of the mirror and can ask questions to yourself, though you will be having a company to study as well as you will be able to do self-introspection. 
  • otherwise, you can have a paper & a pen and can start writing on any topic.


After the brief discussion, we can conclude that this is a game of effort, time, practice and patience. And when you have reached the final stage or have achieved your goal, you can automatically see the changes in your behaviour, language, confidence, motivation, positive vibes, and you will like to speak English every time. Thus, when you are with others you won’t feel shy. Most importantly when you will become confident enough to accept your flaws then you will be having the best of you with you. 

Useful resource cambridgeenglish.org

Kritika Gupta
Kritika Gupta
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