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Interview Tips That Nobody Is Going to Tell You!

Desire to get the job in the company you always dreamt of? Preparing for the upcoming interview? If yes, then this guide is for you! Nowadays, getting job in a good company is not easy but yes, it’s not impossible. If you wish to get your name in recruiters shortlist you need to prepare for the interview properly which you will come to know after reading this post!

This guide highlights all about interview tips that nobody is going to tell you which will help you in cracking the toughest interview. Let’s get started with this post! Happy Reading!

How to Prepare for an Interview?

At the job interview
At the job interview

Practicing for an interview is the best way to crack even the toughest interview. It helps one in becoming less nervous at the time of giving an interview. There are many candidates who shake their arms and start to sweat when recruiter takes their interview. It’s just because they fail to prepare for their interview in advance and lack face-to-face communication skills. 

So, how you can practice for a job interview? Let’s check it out!

Mock Interviews with a Friend

The most effective means to practice for the interview is by setting up the mock interview with your companion. Since it will help you in knowing the points that need improvement. 

Research about the Company

You will feel bad if you enter the interview room without knowing about the company’s basics. Ensure to know about the company products and services they are offering, customer demographics, main competitors, etc. 

Review Common Interview Questions

Create a list of questions you think are quite common for preparing strong answers. Few common questions include:

  • Why did you want to work with our company?
  • What are your weaknesses and strengths?
  • Why we should hire you?
  • Why do you want to leave your previous company?
  • What’s your biggest achievement?
  • Where you will see yourself in 5 years?

How Long Should Interview Answers Be?

Now, how long interview answers should be? This is something that strikes into the mind of every candidate. The right length is 30 seconds in case of factual questions, 30-90 seconds in case of introductory questions, and 3-4 minutes in case of behavioral questions.

Factual questions are the shortest ones. For example; From where you did your master’s? The answer to this question needs to be finished in 30 seconds or less than that. 

Intro question answers should be of 1 minute since these questions are answered in detail. For example; why do you want to work in this company?

Behavioral question answers should be of 3 minutes. For instance; did you work on any complicated project and when?

How Early Should I Be for an Interview?

Waiting for interview
Waiting for interview

Reaching to office few minutes before time shows how punctual you are but don’t arrive too early.

Benefits of Arriving Early for an Interview

Listed below are some benefits of reaching the company early for the interview:

  • Shows hiring recruiters that you are reliable 
  • Help you in entering the interview room with a relaxed mind
  • Reduces stress which will help you in answering the questions more confidently

Apart from the above-given benefits, there are many other benefits of arriving early for an interview. If you think timing doesn’t matter in case of an interview then you are wrong here! It makes a major difference! 

Arriving too early for the interview is not the right idea neither coming too late is good. So, it’s better to arrive at the proper time. Arriving 15-20 minutes before the interview is the right move. This will help you in relaxing your mind and also you can give a look at the office building and employees working over there. 

How do you Define Success Interview Questions?

Interview Tips
Business woman sitting at interview in office

Recruiters ask ‘How Do You Define Success’ question to check how you see and accomplish your goals, outline your priorities, and approach your work. 

Follow the below-given tips for answering this question:

  • Provide Clear and Specific Examples: While discussing your success definition, show the recruiter how you have set your success idea into practice. Discuss some instances of how you accomplished your goal or highlight your greatest achievements on the resume. 
  • Use Data to Show Impact: When telling your relevant past experiences, include some metrics for showing the recruiter how you actually measure success with facts and figures. You can include an example of how the project on which you worked contributed to the organization’s financial goals. 
  • Self-Reflect on Your Achievements: Think when you set your goal and accomplished the desired outcome. Take notes on professional accomplishments and goals when you come across this question. 

How to Answer “How Would You Handle an Angry Customer” Question?

Do you know why interviewers ask candidates how they handle an angry customer question? To check the major qualities and skills like conflict resolution skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving ability, and so on. 

Listed below are few tips that you can check to answer this question:

  • Stay Calm: It’s difficult to stay calm when dealing with an angry client however it’s vital to be polite so as to resolve the issue. Try to remain focused in finding the resolution instead of becoming defensive. 
  • Listen Actively: Let the client express their issues and frustrations completely and show them as you are actively listening by maintaining eye contact, nodding, etc. This will let customers feel that you are taking their concerns seriously.
  • Look for a Solution: Try to find the resolution of the customer’s problems. This can include researching options, discussing with supervisors, and so on. Be proactive and take complete ownership of the issue instead of reacting to the client’s emotions. 
  • Follow Up: Follow up to make sure the customer’s issue has been resolved completely and that the customer is satisfied with the final result. As this helps in building trust and loyalty. 
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How to Reschedule an Interview?

Female candidate talking to black businesswoman during job interview in the office.
Female candidate talking to black businesswoman during job interview in the office.

If due to some issue, you need to reschedule an interview, then it’s vital to communicate the issue professionally so as to maintain a better relationship with the employer.

Listed below are few steps that you must follow for rescheduling your interview:

  • Contact them Soon

The sooner you contact the HR manager, the less issue you will give them. Get in touch with the manager as soon as possible if you will not be able to attend the interview on the scheduled date. 

  • Provide a Reason Quickly

Telling the reason straightforwardly will save one’s time and help them to provide another date soon. Start explaining to them the reason quickly for rescheduling your interview. 

  • Apologize for the Inconvenience

Apologize for not being able to attend the interview on the planned date. Courtesy is vital at the time of sending the rescheduling message or email. 

How to Cancel an Interview?

You will come across a phase in your life when you have to cancel the interview. Might be you get better offer from some company, your mindset has changed, you are sick, or have some emergency. Whatever the reason for the interview cancellation, you must do it in a professional manner. But, how? Let’s see!

  • Inform as Soon as Possible

If you have some emergency and you can’t attend the interview then let the recruiter know about the same as early as possible. If you want to cancel the interview and don’t want to reschedule it then contact the manager once you have finally made the decision. 

  • Call the Recruiter if you are Canceling at the Last Moment

No doubt, there are many ways for canceling the interview if it’s one day before. But if you are canceling it on the same day then it’s better to call the manager directly to avoid future issues.

  • Stay Courteous

Remember that your paths can cross again particularly if you are working in a niche business. So, be polite and frank throughout your correspondence. 

  • Apologize

Of course, you must apologize for wasting manager’s time in hiring and arranging the interview. You can say ‘Sorry Will Contact You in Future’; particularly if you are cancelling the interview with the hope to reschedule it again with that company in future. 

Final Insights

Let’s conclude this guide with the hope that it will surely be going to help you in cracking an interview. Getting the desired job is the dream of every candidate but for that one needs to prepare for an interview in advance. Convince recruiters and show them why you are a perfect fit for that company than anyone else.

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