Sometimes ‘I wish’ to be alone


Sometimes I really wish I could be alone, living in my world. In a world where there is no hatred. In a world where joy and happiness are the most prior things.

Sometimes, I really want some time for myself. I think everyone wants time for themselves and indeed it is very important to spend some time alone to better understand our responsibilities and priorities.

I want a break. I just want a cut-off with this  world for a short time span. I don’t want to live alone. I just want to spend some time alone.

Many people have uncertainties in their mind and object the situation of being alone. They feel like that because of spending some time alone, loneliness may develop in their lives. Many people feel if they have a cut-off with the world, they might be completely distressed and lonely in each and every situation.

But I would say that this is a very NORMAL SITUATION.
It is completely normal to be alone sometimes. The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself, to understand yourself. If you really want to spend some time with yourself, want to know yourself. Believe me, you are going a step ahead of others because you are giving yourself a task.

Spending time alone would help you learn different aspects of life.

This happens with everyone at a certain time. At a certain time, everyone needs time with themselves what we  sometimes call as “SPACE”. Everyone needs their own space in their lives. Everyone needs some time to hang out with themselves.

There exist a number of reasons to utter the phrase, “I need some time alone.”
Some people wish to be alone when they are sad while others need constant companionship.
It is  found that introvert people grow more when they stay alone for sometime while extroverts need people to gain some energy.

There maybe several reasons. But why you chose to be alone is completely up to you. Ultimately that is your own decision. 
I would suggest you first to understand the reason that WHY YOU WISH TO BE ALONE?
Are you running away from your responsibilities or Do you really want some time for yourself.
Are you trying to neglect out something or You are having a hard time with some-one.
Before you go further, It is better to first know the answer. Until and unless you are aware of yourself, staying alone can turn out to be a wrong decision for you. It may also lead to complete loneliness for you in that case.

But If you really feel by being alone, you can recharge yourself. It’s not a bad decision also.

Certainly, it is something healthy and important that you really want some time to gift it to yourself.
Life may definitely seem to be hard while staying alone. But one day you will realize that life is good to be alone. 
Wishing to be alone may seem a wrong decision at once. But , you come up with great ideas and imagination only when you are alone, when no one can disturb you in building up your ideas.

So, it is a very normal situation to be alone.

Do what makes you happy. Don’t let others take your happiness from you.
Enjoy your time. Personal time is an important part of a mentally healthy life.
Make most of it and enjoy each and every bit of it.


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