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Help Your Investments Grow for You

If you have money in a savings account, you may want to consider what else you can do to help it grow. Interest rates are depressingly low on most current or basic savings accounts, so if you want to make more while your money is idle, it is time to make some changes. 

There are various ways in which you can invest your savings to increase the return on the money you have to spare. Below, we have some ideas on some of the easiest ways to invest your savings. 

You do not always need a financial advisor to make investments. However, if you do not feel able to make the investments yourself, it may be worth seeking professional advice to put your mind at ease. 

Savings Bonds 

Instead of putting all of the money you have saved into a low-interest savings account, you could choose to invest it in a fixed-interest savings bond. A savings bond is the lowest-risk option available to those with savings, as the income is not invested in a place where the value can decrease. 

A savings bond is similar to keeping money in a bank account. However, you will set a period of time when purchasing the bond, which will prevent you from accessing the money until the period ends. 

Savings bonds will generally have a higher interest rate than a standard savings account. This means you will receive more money back at the end of the bond expiry than you would from having the same amount of money in a savings account for the same length of time. 

Precious Metals

If you choose to invest your savings, you will be putting your capital at risk to some extent, no matter which investment option you choose. Investing in precious metals is a low-risk option. 

Precious metals are low risk because their value does not often decrease rapidly. A steady value means you are more likely to get at least your initial investment or more if you choose to sell your stake in precious metals. 

Choosing an investment that has a steady return rate is a safe way to begin learning about investments without risking your capital too much. The downside to a safer investment option is that the amount you will receive back from your investment is unlikely to be high. 

Stocks and Shares

Alternatively, you can choose a higher-risk investment option, such as stocks and shares. You invest your capital in a company and receive a payment amount depending on how well the company performs. 

If using this option, it is important to understand the intricacies of investing in stocks; you can use Alpha Spread’s website to get more information about companies you are interested in. A site such as this can help you to monitor the companies you have invested in. 

If a company is not performing as well as you had hoped, or if you need to free up some income for an unexpected expense, you can sell your stocks and shares to receive income back.

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