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Top 10 Fun ways to celebrate Weekend

Calender calender on the wall,
When will the weekend arrive at all?
Why do working days seem so long,
And Saturday-Sunday way too small?

In the hectic life, where people are busy toiling for earning a living, everyone eagerly yearns to have a happy and relaxed weekend soon. When it finally arrives, the feeling is phenominal. Everyone draws a breath of appeasement.

But how do we spend it? It generally goes like, “Finally it’s Sunday and all I’ve planned to do is NOTHING”.

If you too are one of those confused minds, then here are few riveting ways to relish your weekends:

1. Try a Sport

It’s time to show your sporty talent to everyone. Play with your friends, family or colleagues. Try out new games and learn at every step. Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. It also helps in acquiring skills such as dedication and leadership. Also, the amusing games bring out the hidden child in us and makes us feel more lively.

2. Date yourself

The quote says it all. In the rush and pressure of satisfying every other soul, we forget to satisfy our own selves. So for once and for all, give yourself some time. Introspect and plan new things. Time spent with one’s own self is the most pleasurable time. It will soon become your hobby.

3. Hey good-looking! What’s cooking?

Cooking serves at a great stress breaker. For the women out there, who daily cook mouth watering dishes for there families, it’s time to give your hands some rest. Let the office going people try experimenting with food. You may also spend a valuable and a worthy time with your wife by helping her out in this. The flour fight will give a romantic dose to your lovey-dovey relationship.

4. Pen it down, Sketch it up

Penning down all your feelings, the things you experienced in the entire week, and your admiration for the coming future is a great way to pass time and to know more about yourself. Also if the artist in you allows, then you can pursue your hobby of drawing too.

5. Hone your Hobby

Hobbies are not only restricted to drawing and cooking. You may love singing and your friend on the other hand may enjoy dancing. Join hobby classes or make a group of people who have the same interests as you. This will serve dual purposes ie. You’ll be able to pursue your passion and improve upon it, and at the same time, you’ll be able to boost the bonds with your friends.

6. Workout

Stop acting like a lazy lad. Excuses of heavy load of work fail on weekends. Don’t always party. Don’t just pop bottles. Don’t get wasted. Workout!

7. Socialize

It is sometimes important to know your friend circle more. A night out with school or college friends after a long and busy life. Teenage memories forever stay intact. It’s one of those moments that we miss the most in our old age. So why not add more clips to the album of souvenirs?

8. Feed the Need

Apart from fulfilling your own needs and greeds, utilize the weekend by spending time with the orphan kids or the people at old age homes. Gift happiness to beggars and a feeling like of home to the homeless. This heart warming way will not only make your weekends memorable, but will also fetch you with thousands of blessings.

9. Kit Kat Break

Atleast for two days, keep your phone aside and ignore the social media and email pop ups for a while. Go on a vacation with your family. Enjoy crazy rides at a waterpark, watch your favorite movies, go out for dinner or have a mini picnic at a nearby park it self. Weekends mean breaks, and utilizing these breaks with your family is the best thing you can do to them.

10. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Well, in the end the truth only prevails. The truth is that we are humans and not machines. We do need to take rest in order to get re-energized and get back to work fully efficiently from the next day again. So the trio of eat, sleep rave, repeat is just not a thing to miss!

However, weekends are not just about relaxing and sleeping for fourteen-fifteen hours. It’s a time when one can unplug from the daily chores and engage oneself into fun-filled and intriguing activities.

So try out these rejoicing ways,
To forever the weekend memories embrace.


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