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Safe Skin Care Tips To Practice During This Quarantine.

It’s the second month of Quarantine, and we are all bored out of our minds with it now. Despite the country releasing the temporary restrictions it had enforced on parts of the country, we are still stuck at home, with seemingly no respite. While it may seem like the end times, with all the TV shows done and dusted, and all the books getting too dull, we have some suggestions for you. The Quarantine has opened up the opportunity to explore so many more activities and routines.What with living a busy city life, none of us has realized how we have been neglecting other aspects of our health. Our careers have progressed, but our health has deteriorated. Regularly eating food from restaurants, working in the pollution that comes with a city lifestyle, it’s time that you use this break to give more attention to your own body and skin. And I am here to help you with the top ten ways you can take care and nurture your skin this Quarantine.

Exfoliate Your Skin.

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From the prolonged exposure of your skin to city pollution over the years, it is essential that you properly exfoliate the dirt, grime and dead cells on it. This exfoliation also allows your skin to breathe and heal. With the quarantine extending, there will be more time for your skin to heal correctly. You can use a mixture of walnut powder and yoghurt to apply on the face for exfoliation. There are numerous antioxidants in walnuts that help remove grime and provide nutrition to your face for it to heal naturally. Yoghurt acts as a binding ingredient.

Apply Sun Screen If You Have Melanin Deficient Skin.

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I know you might be thinking this advice seems weird, because you are a homebody now. However, most melanin deficient people are highly susceptible to sun damage, resulting in skin cancer. Even on an overcast day, 80% of UV rays make their way to the ground. Also, if you sit at a balcony or a window or expose yourself to any form of sunlight, there are chances for your skin to undergo skin damage. Apply light sunscreen, is around SPF 30+, and doesn’t block your skin pores.

Monitor What You Eat.

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What goes inside your body reflects what shows outside. The same way you tend to prefer lighter foods with zero carbs and high protein contents while exercising for weight loss is what you need to follow for your skin too.

Your skin can be clear using the following nutrients– vitamins, minerals, proteins, fresh fruits high in fructose contents and healthy sugars and antioxidants. Consuming Vitamin C, minerals, citrus fruits, and foods low in fat and sugar can make your skin glow. Food that you should refrain from are ones high in preservatives, oils, spices, fats and sugars. Eat blander food. It may be difficult at first, but you shall start noticing the change within a week.

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Sweat it Out!

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Yes, Gyms are closed, and you can’t get out now, but those are not excuses to stop exercising. There is a vast number of exercises you can do without having to go anywhere. Lay a yoga mat on the ground and get down to do warm-up exercises like on the stop jogs, push-ups, sit-ups and crunches. Do yoga to stretch and cool down and then lay down on the mat for around 10 minutes to relax. The entire routine won’t even take more than 1 hour. And it will be entirely worth it. You will notice your body getting more toned, and your skin getting clearer. But be sure to sweat, as sweat flushes out toxins and unwanted salts from the body.

Get Loads of Beauty Sleep.

Safe Skin Care Tips To Practice During This Quarantine.
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Sleep is a beautiful healer.  Our body grows the most when in sleep, and it heals the most in sleep too. The body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to heal and revive itself. If not, your skin starts becoming sallow. Your eye gets bags, and your hair grows limp. Sleep early and wake up early and not only will you be active all day long, but your skin will also be happy and fresh and flushed. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin before you go to sleep.

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Drink Lots Of Water.

Safe Skin Care Tips To Practice During This Quarantine.
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Staying hydrated is essential for almost everything. Water is the giver of like and consuming at least three to four litres of water every day ensures that your skin shall remain fresh and healthy. A lot of dieticians and gym-goers swear by the effect water has on their bodies. Water rejuvenates your skin, makes your muscles more active and keeps you mentally fresh too!

Follow Steps To Kick Out Skin Acne.

Safe Skin Care Tips To Practice During This Quarantine.
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If you are a teenager going through puberty, or a person with a recurring acne condition, these steps will come as a boon. Wash your face with lukewarm water and massage your face with slow circular motions, in an upward direction. Apply a cleanser to your skin, hopefully, one that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acid and slowly wipe at your skin. Try using a face pack containing fuller’s earth as it is said to have antioxidant properties. Do not, and we repeat, DO NOT pop pimples. Popping a pimple can lead to more of them, swelling of the skin and permanent marks.

Try Good and Verified Breathing Exercises.

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Your body is living a high-strung life and while you have mentally adjusted to it, the body never really does. We began as hunter-gatherers, and our bodies are meant for activity and movement. But with sitting at home doing nothing, or working in one place, you are neglecting this primal instinct of your body. And soon it shall show externally in the form of acne, pimples, pigmentation, wrinkles. So the best way to avoid this is to follow habits which calm you. Exercises in yoga such as simple breathing called anulomwilom, or an om chanting mantra called bhramarhi, can help you loads in releasing the toxins and negative energy in your body. This in turn will help your body heal faster, and look younger.

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Try to maintain a skincare routine.

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You might have seen a lot of beauty bloggers sharing their skincare routine on social media these days. They use a myriad of cleaning lotions, serums for their skin. Each part of their face has a different cream to be used, and each cream has an unusual feature. While all these are too expensive and are unaffordable, try to create a cost-effective stress-busting skincare routine that you can practice before you go to bed. The point is to cleanse your face of any preliminary toxins and let your body take over the rest of the healing in your sleep.

Practice Healthy Habits.

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While eating good and drinking water are a strict rules you must follow to get great skin, they are not the be all and end all. Stress also has a huge role to play in the way you look, or rather the way your skin looks. Stressed skin is sallow, pale and generally unhealthy looking. Whereas skin that is worry free, hydrated, exfoliated and rejuvenated has a beauty of its own. Eat healthy food less on fats and sugars. Drink at least a gallon of water everyday. Take a day or two off each month just for yourself. Forgo all your responsibilities and take a break. All your work will still be there when you come back.

We hope you liked our list of the best steps to follow to attain and maintain good skin. Drop a comment in the comment section below if you believe we could have added a few tips  that are not as well known or just as foolproof. Check out the video below for the best exercise regimen to follow to get great skin.

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