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ROSE WATER (Everything You Need To Know About It!)

We have all heard about Rose Water! Be it, in the form of a fragrance of a perfume or any other medical or cosmetic...

Safe Skin Care Tips To Practice During This Quarantine.

In this heat and pollution, it is important for us to give our face and skin all the love. Use this lockdown to give your skin the attention it deserves.

7 Amazing Anti-Ageing Benefits from CBD

What is all this fuss about CBD products? What exactly is CBD? Does it really work as an anti-aging agent on your skin?...

Cellulite: Myths and Facts

Almost 90% of the women, no matter how fit they are, suffer from one ailment- cellulite. Cellulite is the bane of every woman’s existence....

Why does Olive Oil considered to be holy grail?

The Indian taste bud is also slowly embracing the western wonder, not just for its distinct flavor but also for the numerous health benefits...

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