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What are the negative effects of Playing PUB-G?

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, people are feeling bored in the house. There are a lot of things that people do these days but some have opted to play the game to pass their time and PUB-G is one of the games that people are getting addicted to. In this article, we are going to discuss the negative effects of playing PUB-G.

So read on the full article to know the disadvantages/negative effects of playing PUB-G.

Get Addicted towards it

Negative effects of PUB-G
What are the negative effects of Playing PUB-G?

This game can make you addict, you don’t even realize how much you have deep dive into it. If you are planning to play it for half an hour, you without realizing the fact that you can exceed your time limit of playing PUB-G. Your lot of other tasks are pending and you are unable to get out of this addiction. This is one of the major negative effects of PUB-G.

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Complete wastage of time

You even don’t realize how much of your precious time gets wasted by playing PUB-G. It inclines you towards itself and without bothering how many of your relevant tasks are on hold, you keep on playing this.

Bad impact on eyes

When you started playing, you keep playing this game continuously without bothering how much you are getting stick to it, it will then create issues in your eyes. Your eyes get weakened by this. The harmful radiation of your mobile creates irritation and itching in the eyes. During playing this game, you can’t stop for a while. For this, you have to continue looking at your mobile screen. This can lead to a bad impact on your eyes which is the greatest disadvantage.

Lack of Concentration

For playing this game, you will always forget to resume your other tasks, this will in turn leave your work pending. Your concentration towards your work gets deeply affected.

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Deep involvement in the Game

This game always involves you in itself. You even don’t realize that the real world around you. You keep indulged yourself in the mountains, rivers, vehicles, and roads of the game.

Increase Usage of Charging thereby decreasing battery life

This game is the battery sucker and if you play it for a long while, it tends to drain your mobile battery very easily. This in turn impacts the battery life of your phone.

Increases stress level

Negative effects of PUB-G
What are the negative effects of Playing PUB-G?

Playing this game with continuity can increase stress in you. You always think about its next move. This will boost up anxiety levels. This is one of the major negative effects on PUB-G.

Disturbs sleeping patterns

Sleeping patterns are highly impacted when you are playing PUB-G to great extent. As you keep on playing PUB-G for long hours and forget to sleep on your sleeping time. This will disturb your sleeping patterns. Due to this in turn your routine gets messed up.

Neck pain and cervical spondylitis

Negative effects of PUB-G
What are the negative effects of Playing PUB-G?

According to studies, during playing PUB-G, you are not sitting inappropriate position. So sitting in an uneven position leads to cervical pain. Various other disorders like severe excess pain can also get affected.

Fatigue and Mental-illness

What are the negative effects of Playing PUB-G?
What are the negative effects of Playing PUB-G?

You always feel tired when you keep on playing this. Even you don’t find an appropriate time for eating and sleeping. This is turn makes you ill.

Social Relations gets disturbed

When you started playing this game, you keep playing this without getting social with the people. Even you also miss some of your important meetings. This will ruin your relations with others. You are also not giving appropriate time to your loved ones. It will create friction between you and your loved ones.

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Final Thoughts

Access to everything is bad. If you are doing something for fun that should not exceed the mentioned time slot. Don’t let your other tasks in midway. Playing this game continuously for more than 2 hours not only wastes your time but also affects your eyes. So choose wisely about how to spend your leisure time. According to be playing any game more than limit is not good. In this article, we have discussed the negative effects of PUB-G. I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you like it, you can comment on it and share what you feel about playing excess PUB-G.


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