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Mental Health and Well-Being during this Pandemic

The recent outbreak of Corona Virus has affected each one of us in some or the other ways, especially, our mental health. It is a difficult time for all of us. If you are feeling weak and low or trying to help somebody, here are some tips for you!

Understanding the importance staying at home and of well-being

The foremost thing to calm yourself down is, to know what is happening around. At an early stage, the lock-down was mandatory to stop the spread of the virus. With the removal of lock-down, several things started to cool off but prevention still remains important. It includes taking care of our physical and mental health and making it our primary concern.

Staying home and taking care of your well-being should be a priority.
Mental Health and Well-Being during this Pandemic

It is normal to feel fearful, anxious and bored because of the on-going pandemic. However, it is important to take care of your overall psychological well-being.

Here are some ways to keep you optimistic to improve your mental health and well-being!

Minimize Screen Time

Phone can consciously or unconsciously cause stress.
  • Staying at home the entire day can be tough. But, if you choose to sit in front of the screen, it can rather be stressful. In aspects of connecting with our friends and family, it is quite healthy because social isolation is not easy. Still, that does not mean spending the day on social media is not damaging.
  • If you are stuck alone during this period just remember, it is not permanent ! Staying in touch with the family and friends is important but try to focus on doing something productive. You can take up an online course (maybe, a new language?) or learn a new skill.
  • Social media can also lead to a lot of fake news consumption so avoid such things. Try to check up the news update from a credible source and not forwarded messages. This would help you to stay away from unnecessary tension and stress.
  • The best way is to fix and limit your screen time. It will be good for both; the mind and the eyes! Spend the rest of the day reading a book or doing household chores like cleaning your room (it can actually be healing!).


Healthy sleep for better well-being
  • This is a tip that we all are aware of, but we do not really follow it. It has been said and tested that meditation is the best exercise. It helps to remain fit and balanced physically as well as mentally.
  • If you do not have it in your routine, then practising it now, is the best! During this pandemic, making any new habit is not burdensome and a habit like meditation is much needed.
  • Meditation has actually proved to be a cure for stress and many other mental health problems. It helps to balance your chakras and form a positive mental well-being.
  • It will definitely energize you and connect you with the present. Start with five minutes (minimum) daily and soon, you will be meditating on a daily basis!

Practise effective and Healthy sleep

Complete and healthy sleep for better mental health.
  • It is normal for the days to become monotonous but spoiling your sleep cycle is not normal. Since the going out is less, sleeping late and avoiding morning baths can become a routine. But this pandemic-time should be taken as an opportunity and a better routine should be formed.
  • It is essential to get the right amount of sleep(6-8 hours) because sleeping less or more than the normal range can lead to unhealthy issues. Such problems include daytime fatigue, frequent yawning, obesity and many serious mental health problems too.
  • Healthy sleeping helps balancing moods, as well. Having a good sleep schedule includes shutting down the screens at least half an hour before sleeping. It is very easy to reschedule the spoiled schedule during a break like this.
  • One should be consistent and willing to do it. Also, bed should only be used for sleeping, spending the entire day on bed is not a good idea!

Healthy Eating

Balanced diet and nutritious food for better mental health.
  • Eating well and drinking plenty of fluids is very essential. Healthy eating is important not only for your fitness but also, mental health.
  • The gut is often considered as the second brain. It is very important to eat nutritious food to have a healthy lifestyle and thoughts.
  • A long period of free time can cause one to feel hungry even if they are not. Avoiding loads of junk food and fried food is a must.
  • It is a proven fact that the right nutrients can improve mood and help in better cognitive skills. Hence, eating the right diet is something to be worked upon, if you have not yet.


Try something new for your well-being!

This is the best time to try something new! If there is anything that you have always wanted to do, include it in your routine and practice it. If there is a book you have not touched from a while, read it. Cook something new, learn a new skill online, try practising a new language or talk to someone, you have not, from a while. This time can be used as a way to improve your thoughts, well-being and lifestyle. The most important thing you have to take care of, is your mind. Thoughts are ultimately the seeds that make us, what we are. Thinking positive and taking care of yourself, is the best thing to do!

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In case, you feel you really need help and things seem grave, consult a doctor. Things can be exhausting during such an outbreak but staying safe should always be a priority.

Ridhi Verma
Ridhi Verma
A student and a learner, who loves to read and write. I have a keen interest in content-editing, psychology and cooking.


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