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Walking through the tastiest streets of Chennai

There is no love sincerer than the love for food

This is one of the best and truest quotes which I found online. Food is something which is growing in its trend along with people. No one can deny the fact that it is the one and only thing on earth which makes people go crazy (people here are fooooodieees) and at the same time it makes the same man go satiated after his hunger is met. To be precise a man isn’t enough with whatever he has but food is the only thing which people say enough is enough whole heartedly.

Many cuisines may come and many cuisines may go but the love for street food from my city will always stay close to my heart.  Chennai is a city which has inhabited various people of different indigeneity.   So to treat everyone homogenously it offers various kinds of food with its own touch. Five star hotels just give us a splendid hospitality, amazing ambience, stomach filling food etc. But it fails to consummate our hearts though their bills would cause us to literally go wobbly.

Atho served hot with spice   
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Imagine a street full of food with the perfect touch and its own taste of gracefulness filled with love. Who would not like when sample of food is just given for you to taste for which they don’t expect money but your love in return. This is the people of Chennai for you.  Walk into the streets of Burma Bazar and you would forget the destination you are in with the best food which tickles your taste buds.  Their shutters open around 12 in the afternoon which goes down even till 12 in the night.

There are continuous rows of shops just opposite to one another mostly crowded with its daily set of customers. People who eat here are mostly the youths, the ones from the locality and the dudes who have got addicted to the taste. Beijo!! Atho!! Mohinga!! quarrels the shop keepers from each shops chorously.  Atho is a type of noodles which is made in a special type of garlic oil tossed with cabbage, tamarind pulp and finally topped with fried onions which is one famous Burmeese food.  This is served at a rate of just Rs.40 per plate which fills our tummy for a meal.  

Mohinga is a soup where fried noodles is added and attracts many customers in rainy season as it gives a very refresting sting to them. Beijo is deep fried preparation which is made out of rice and Bengal gram and topped to mohinga. These foods may make anyone get addicted to them at the first attempt. You can go home satisfied with your heart and tummy full.

Plain lassi    
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Next best place for street food is Sowkarpet. One of the crowded places of North Chennai filled with indigenious Marwaris is the hot spot for some of the fantastic street foods of Mumbai and Delhi. Right from Pani puri to Lassi, you can get anything and everything here. This place is first specialized for its whole sale clothing shops which offers trendy clothings at really discounted price. Many small scale entreprueners head to this place which keeps it busy all day.

So after a tiresome day of shopping who wouldn’t love a chilled lassi from Agarwal Bhavan and a plate of delicious mixed chat from the roadside chaat wala who would give it to you at a really cheap price.  Why don’t you treat a poor chaat wala for a day rather than spending your money in a boring restaurant for the same boring food.  Even your stomach needs a break from the same monotonous food and craves for some variety.

Chat waalas in Sowkarpet
chat sales
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Don’t forget to visit these tastiest streets in your trip to our Chennai. Mark these places in your itenary for tastiest streets . Though you aren’t served in an air conditioned four walled room in some of the best crockeries, but  served by the affection and love which automatically increases the taste of food.  So never miss out these places to have a heavenly gratitude of food and just food.

Aaliya Thahseen
Aaliya Thahseen
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