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How to deal with stress during board exams?

As we head towards the end of the year, discussion on board exams is the most common topic we come across. It is noticed that as board exams come closer both parents and students start feeling stressed. But in the case of students, it’s hard for them to tackle stress. Poor Time management, feeling of scoring low grades, social pressure and expectations most of the times lead to anxiety further resulting in stress. Those who tackle them properly are the ones able to concentrate fully and get better outputs.

What is Stress?

How an individual responds towards the pressure is termed as stress. In a survey, it is discovered that stress reaches its peak in-between month of January to May in students. Most of the times it is observed that students fear of not being able to stand up on their parents’ expectations in exams which tends them towards stress. This stress sometimes gets evolved into depression which has a higher impact on life for a longer period. Due to this, they lose a lot of crucial time. The most common mistake made by students is starting late with the preparation. This very decision leads to building up pressure. 

“Earlier you start, closer you are to the target “. 

Do not wait for the exams to come nearer. Start practising for it from the very first day as you enter the class for board exams. The best way is to prepare a timetable for organizing your study. As a student, you must follow it very sincerely. First of all, judge yourself that in which subject you are strong and which are those in which you have to work a bit harder. Design your timetable accordingly. Do not make long term running time tables.

How to deal with stress during board exams?
How to deal with stress during board exams?

Instead, use week by week assessment to change according to the requirements. Your time table should include all your day to day things too. Just not the study time, it should also include break, subject, chapter, playing sports etc. Assess your capability and ability. Try to know which time in the day you are most concentrated. Is it in the morning, evening or night? It will help to prepare for board exams in a more synchronized way. This will make you completely ready before the exam without any stress.

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Covering of syllabus of board exams

When it comes to humans, we all know we can never learn the whole syllabus in a single go. So here comes the need of preparing notes daily. This will keep you ready for future revision. Highlight those points which are the toughest to remember or important concerning board exams. We all know technology plays an important role in studies nowadays. Internet and Google can also help us in providing notes for our preparation. 

Doubts, it is very common for those who study sincerely. These students face problems while studying. Some clear all of them. But, some hesitate to speak or ask about it. So without any delay clear it as soon as possible. Talk to your teacher or friends or whoever you want to clear from. Make sure you solve them as soon as possible.

Practice Hard Study Smart. All suited for exams

We all know board exams are quite different from the exams we use to give in our school premises. It is a new experience for all with unknown invigilator around you. Format of exams is not very different but has some set pattern. To come across that pattern, students should solve last year question papers. This will help them to know how to write in exams to give the best of you. We often listen to our elders that there are no shortcuts to success. 

You have to practice hard to achieve what you want which is correct. But not only hard work pays you off. One should also do smart work to be unique in the crowd. Like you can make phrases to learn long answers, chemical reactions etc. It helps the student to be completely relaxed and ready for the exam. This reduces the anxiety before the exam.


Healthy minds and physically fine lead to the progressive result 

board exams
How to deal with stress during board exams?

Studying is important for preparation. This very fact is true but one should be mentally and physically fit too. Having a proper diet is necessary for a healthy body. It is observed that many times during the preparation of board exams students just skip their food routines. It creates a bad impact on health. This land into anxiety attacks. Students should completely avoid junk foods. Your diet should have more proteins. You should take vitamins more often. Meditation and doing exercise helps to reduce stress. Listening to music also helps in keeping the mind settled and stable. Proper sleeping habits should be maintained. 6 to 7hours of sleep in a day is mandated for a healthy and physically fit body. 

Do’s and Don’ts at exams

It has been observed that students fear of forgetting all that they have prepared for exams. To overcome this fear, students should try to build a test like an environment while attempting previous year question papers or mock question papers. It is observed that many students read, discuss just before the commencement of exam. This usually creates nervousness among themselves and affect their exam. Students keep on focusing what went off. If an exam doesn’t go well, do not ponder over it continuously.

Students often do this even when they are stuffed up with other pending exams. Don’t become a bookworm. Try to do other things that make you happy and active. Don’t try to copy someone’s methods or techniques for studying. We all are unique in ourselves. We all have different strengths of different weakness. Be optimistic, take your me-time to discuss your strength with yourself. Try to visualize moments when your result will be out and you will score well. Stay positive.

In this duration of time students also need motivational and psychological support, where the responsibility of parents come to always back their child. They should take care of their child. They must motivate them so that they give their best. Parents will stay by their sides irrespective of the results. 

Kavya Gupta
Kavya Gupta
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  1. I guess you can’t avoid stress at all. It’s how human nature works.
    I kind of got into exam preparation and was disciplined. But the closer the exam date was, the more anxious it became for me. And the night before the exam, I was generally suffering from insomnia and panic about not knowing anything (although I had been studying material for about a month).
    But my preparation has helped me. I don’t know the result yet, but I hope for the best.

  2. Yes, stress is of course human nature but it will be good if you take all of it in an optimistic manner. And I wish you very good luck for the results.


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