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A prayer to the shooting star

The best melody I ever heard

Went flying over the head, like a bird.

Just kept myself blessed by it’s apparent sight

‘cause I knew I would never catch hold of it right.

A prayer to the shooting star

I badly need my drug, I really do

Give it to me, I need you to.

I plead, I bleed

For home is all I need you to lead

A prayer to the shooting star

Dreaming of dancing with the rain

Just to keep the crazy heart sane.

No more suffering, no more pain.

I’ll have it, no losses or gain.

Let me breathe

And will hold it for long, I promise.

Let me reach

And all the sorrow would be gone, just a kiss.

Let me draw

And I’ll paint a smile, they will never miss.

A prayer to the shooting star

Praying to the shooting star

Stay away from the skies, just so far.

‘cause wishes are meant to destroy, never granted

And I don’t want my ride home in a car rented.


Annu beniwal
Annu beniwal
Wanderer, free soul, passionate about writing, 'cause some things are just worth doing!


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