Life lessons from M S Dhoni

    M S Dhoni


    M S Dhoni An incredible story actually not just a story , it is a part of us. It unfolds the unpredictability of life, the strength of dreams , a movie for the dreamers of a dreamer. A long duration of 3 hours 10 minutes just passed on like a blink of an eye. You are not going to feel like moving your head for a second. The story of a guy who fills you with passion and hopes. A movie that gives me the most important lesson Never Let Go Of Your Dreams. I was having goosebumps while watching the movie , I realise there was a smile on everyone’s face because not all have the courage and patience to chase their dreams. It feels great when we are provided with this wonderful opportunity to hear or see a beautiful success story which shakes us from the deepest core.

    Life lessons in M S Dhoni that can transform your life…

    A small boy from a lower middle class family whose mother knew that he cannot be satisfied with little happiness , I found an element of simplicity in this boy who went with the flow with such a great ease for the sake of happiness of his family and friends , so modest and grounded , but he has the courage to get out of his comfort zone , run against the flow and make the flow turn in his direction. I never found him getting afraid from working hard. He worked literally madly and sometimes I seriously found it in vain, I feel like he could have object but later I realise when you leave your excuses you found your results. Hard work is the ultimate key to success. A diamond is once nothing special but with time and efforts it becomes spectacular most precious.

    Cool  And Calm Attitude

    Makes it classy. I was wondering through out the whole movie how he managed that cool attitude. No anger, no complaints , he was just doing what he was expected to do , his job with amazing sincerity. He was so keen , so obedient as he was always so calm. Be calm life will offer you another chance..

    Practice  Patience

    M S DhoniI come to know that hard work is one of the most important factors behind a person’s success but it is not the only factor for sure. Patience is another important factor which is equally considerable. Even after all his hard work and nice attitude he got the success a little later but no one can deny that sounds of his success reaches the sky, touches the stars. It is next to impossible to work so badly with all the determination and putting in your best efforts but still keep believing in the beauty of his dreams. It seems uttainable but he proves all wrong. If you think you can.

    Respect Your Relations

    I wonder he was blessed with a very supportive family and fabulous friends. Then I realize he earns them , he worths them. He value his relationships , he respects them , even those who did not support him in his struggling time, he forgives them and accepts their appologies and affection heartily and then I can never ignore the power in the prayers of his mother. Life is worth living for good friends and family. That’s all what matters the most.

    Detach yourself from All the Distraction

    This is really significant part, never let your distractions defines your path. No matter what , how bad or worst your circumstances are no matter what life throws at you, keep moving , yes you can slow down at some time but you are never allowed to stop. Starve your plentiful distractions and feed your focus because time is short and Work is Hard.

    Never Dying  Spirit

    This is personally my favorite part to every time see him standing like a warrior in between his dreams and all the hurdles. I have immense respect for those who know how to protect their dreams from all the storms, how to hold them hard , how to fight for them , how to live them and turn them into reality. Nothing worth having comes easy never drag yourself down. Big things have small beginnings. Stay positive, work hard and make it happen. Don’t settle for options that life provide you, don’t get disheartened by anything or anyone, the world is yours , the sky belongs to you. Rule them.

    Go Be The Change

    08-32-31-img_9348Hats off to the great personality. I heard many people discussing it was like a Bollywood movie , the typical one in which something seems impossible but at the end there was a happy ending. If it would not have been a biopic then we could have made fun of it, we could not believe and this is the main problem. Everything you need to succeed is already within you, luck is just an excuse, an escape from the failures never let this shit overcomes your strength. Go search your best self and then go for everything the say you cannot have. Its always upto your desires what you decide for yourself whether to let go , whether to be a victim or whether to know your self worth , to know your priorities and work towards them. Your success starts when you do.
    Give no time to bullshit. Why you want to fit in when you were born to stand out.

    Dont stop dreaming just because you had a few nightmares.
    Success is not a straight line. Endure the pain and gain the name. Hustle until your haters turn into your fans. Everything you grow through, grow you.

    Just believe you can and you are half way already there. You will win might be not immediately but definitely.

    Be the Best Leave the Rest
    Make it Happen……