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Lessons learned in 2020

2020 has been hard lately and is continuing its vogue to make our life more miserable. It is an unexpected year which has put our daily lifestyle to a halt. Just like a coin has two faces, similarly, every situation has something good and something bad hidden in it. It may not be visible to us in the first place but will soon make us realize why something happened to us. Similarly, this pandemic is a blessing in disguise (agree or not). It has taught us so many lifelong lessons that are going to stay with us for the rest of our lives. We surely are never going to forget this year. 

Never take life for granted

Everyone find it so easy to accuse life and its methods every time that we end up feeling disgusting for having it and pity for ourselves. But 2020 taught us that being alive is the most precious gift given to us by God. You are blessed if you are still alive and reading this in 2020. Miracles can happen any time and life can present you to them in an unpredictable way.

You have all the power within you

We had enormous time to spend with ourselves during lockdown which made us contemplate deeper and introspect and become a higher version of ourselves. It made us believe that we have all the power within ourselves which is required to triumph everything. Meditation does help you out in finding yourself and your purpose.

Lessons learned in 2020

Family is your permanent

This pandemic surely made us realize one thing that family is our permanent supporter. We lost so many bonds during this time which we thought would be forever. But in the meantime, when no one cared for you, your family had been there in the most unexpected manner whether it is taking care of your health whiling deteriorating their own or giving you the best facilities they can afford or just be around you if you feel lonely inside. We realized that spending time with the family is the real investment in our life. Love your family and the universe will fall in love with you.

Friends are gonna come and go but family is forever”.

Never forget your passion

Another profound benefit of solidarity is that you find out what you want and what has your heart. If you have already found what keeps you exiting, then never forget it. We might lose our jobs, but we must never lose our passion. So, hold onto it no matter what it costs you.

And for those who are still exploring themselves, don’t give up. You are living the best days of your life. Just hang it there. The world needs you.

You must have patience

Patience is the key to success. For you to achieve something, endeavor to have the patience for everything. It is a calm and peaceful mind that will help you remain focused on your goals and yourself. Even if things seem a little tough or going the other way, have patience and this pandemic taught all of us to have enormous patience.

Lessons learned in 2020

Grow every day

One prudent advice that this year came up with is that the real goal must be to become better every day. The secret lies in comparing yourself with your yesterday version and not with someone else, so commit to being better each day. Invest in yourself. Take control of your actions and try breaking the negative habit cycle.

Nature is the best healer

Whenever we feel alone and found no one to lend us an ear, we went to nature to listen to our rants and soothe us. But this time, we not only realize that nature is the best healer but also that it is the most powerful amongst us. We can not mess with nature and its creatures. We can not just rule over it as per our choices. We must adore nature.

Lessons learned in 2020

Positivity is the key

Demotivation, low strength, overthinking, negativity, etc. has been buzzing around us since the lockdown was announced and these feelings have done no good to us. What made us change into our higher selves is positivity. Staying positive has a huge impact on our mental health as well as physical health. Look at the situation with a positive perspective and things will change.

Love yourself

Loving someone else and sometimes breaking your heart is easy. The toughest and the easiest work lies behind loving yourself. Whether you are a teenager, adult, or old; or whether you are single or with someone, you must never forget to take care of yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

Loving yourself can have many definitions. Choose your definition to define you.

You can survive without junk food

Living in this era where food poses before being eaten by people is a transparent picture of where the world is heading into. We have been so addicted to outside binge eating junk foods that healthy foods lost their meaning. But when we did not have access to them for the last 6 months, it made us realize that we can surely survive without eating junk and that eating healthy food is a necessity which is demanded by this virus as well.

Lessons learned in 2020

Health is the real wealth

People used to take our health for granted. We thought not sleeping well, not exercising, and not eating healthy will not harm us. As this virus took over our life, we learned that there is nothing more important than our health. We must take care of our health by adopting a positive and healthy lifestyle.

No matter whatever situation encounters you, family, or even the world. Never forget to believe in yourself and God.

Maybe, it hasn’t been our day, our week our month, or even our year but we will be there for each other.

Till then, stay safe and stay joyful!

I am a writer, an artist and a dance lover. I believe when words fail to express, that is when the art comes in.


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