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10 unknown positive emotions that exists

Our life revolves around mainly two emotions that are positive and negative, but positive emotions are not limited to just one emotion. We all are blindfolded with the fact that being happy has nothing to do with positivity, staying happy is the same as staying positive but we all are ignorant about that happiness creates positivity and vice versa is a myth. Happiness releases endorphin hormone which in turn leads to positivity. As it is wonderfully said that “Positivity can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can only be felt with a peaceful heart”. So, 10 emotions are scientifically proven to be positive emotions.


The very first positive emotion that persists among all of us and is closest to happiness is JOY. Staying joyful about a person, thing, place, or even during adversity is a prove that positivity resides within you. Joy has nothing to do with the outside world. Situations or people that feel safe, familiar, or led to your growth results in the change that makes a person feel joyful and ultimately playful. It produces an urge to acquire or learn new skills.


It is perhaps known as one of the quieter emotions but the benefits of gratitude are amusing. It is with constant practice of gratitude that one can achieve his/her higher self. A person practicing gratitude tends to give much more than usual without making oneself empty. The gratitude brims the soul with immense love and power. It can also lead to higher interactive social bonds and developed skills of loving.


Another quieter emotion would be serenity. When you have a feeling of peaceful current circumstances that you just want to have more of it. According to emotion theorists, when people feel serene or content, they just want to live in that moment and do nothing. It is in that mental state when people are savoring and integrating to the fullest of their life. Having to feel such intense positive emotion leads to better understanding and clarity of the world as well as their views and thoughts.


Interestingly, Interest is one such positive emotion that is not even treated as an emotion. It’s human nature to have an interest in one thing or the other, but what we fail to acknowledge is that it is a kind of positive emotion. It is usually originated when we are feeling safe, mysterious, or even embracing novelty. Through this, we can experience the taste of exploring the outside world or our inner world. Interest can create a person full of energy and with a better knowledge from scratch.


It is indeed a positive emotion which we experience at the time of crisis because not all positive emotions happen in good situations. Just like, Covid-19 era we all are hoping this to end soon. You know you are experiencing hope when you are fearing or even facing the worst but still yearning for better. It increases one’s resilience to hard times and makes them more inventive towards the situation.


It is yet another amazing positive emotion that is experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Socially valued achievement, inner satisfaction, conquering something even small, etc. all make us feel proud. This emotion helps us broaden our mindset by dreaming big and then preparing us to achieve furthermore accomplishments. Pride can also be related to someone else’s achievement like your friends, family, etc.


Another positive emotion is an amusement which is usually experienced in some non -serious situations. Experiencing such situations where you are holding your stomach and laughing till you can’t anymore is all because of amusement. Laughter can take our stress away and practicing it daily can lead to a much healthy and positive lifestyle. We all have heard that “laughter is the best medicine”. Shared laughter helps in building friendship and creativity.


The most unknown positive emotion is an inspiration. We either inspire someone or get inspired but have you ever wondered why we feel good after doing any of the former? It is because, at that time, we are either receiving or sharing the positive vibes making our aura more positive. When we are sharing positive emotions, we are increasing our capacity to intake more of such positive vibrations. It aspires to achieve excellence and not success along with gained skills and morality.

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It is again, one of the quieter positive emotions. Awe and wonderment are something which is always felt but never contemplated. When we are overwhelmed by greatness, that’s when we experience this emotion. Awe can be considered similar to inspiration but on a personal level. It shapes our minds and heart to accommodate something new in our life. It also helps to see ourselves as a part of a larger whole.


I saved the best for the last. One of the greatest positive emotions over every other positive emotion is none other than, LOVE. Love tends to heal even the oldest wounds. It has the traits of every other positive emotion. Love can be felt in any form but mostly when you are connecting or sharing positive emotions with someone. A person experiencing love tends to play, explore, savor, dream and the list is countless as it is considered as the most powerful above all emotions. Love makes us believe in trust by building great unbreakable bonds, even in a community and it is also known in improving a person’s health.

We are all filled with positive emotions especially love. Each of the positive emotion can be felt by us as soon as we are allowing ourselves to feel. You are the greatest source of love. Have faith, stay positive, and spread love.

I am a writer, an artist and a dance lover. I believe when words fail to express, that is when the art comes in.


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