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A connected future between nature and technology

Can you separate yourself from technology? In this competitive world, the answer to this question is a big NO. And you make nature. Nobody can imagine the birth of technology without nature. It is nature that gave technology an identity. It is just surprising to find the flight of kingfisher to be an inspiration for the evolution of Shinkansen bullet train. Its flight has contributed to a reduction in noise, an increase in speed, less power usage, and much aerodynamic structure.

The design of an office complex in Harare, Zimbabwe is based on the strategy used by termites to build mounds. This design enables one to maintain a constant temperature throughout the day in a place where the temperature ranges from 40 to less than 2 degrees Celsius. Thousands of such examples incorporate small ideologies of nature to build their huge advancements. Nobody can ever think of using microscopic scales on a whale to be a strategy in the making of ships. This proves that every other technical good is the result of nature. Nobody can deny this fact.

A connected future between nature and technology
A connected future between nature and technology

Future- by absorbing the essence of nature in technology

It is seen that things or aspects that incorporate nature and its ideologies survive for a longer extent. Nature forms a more optimistic and vibrant aura wherever used. A study shows that the mental status of those employees who used a green background as a background screen on their pc was fairly better. Vast changes are observed in prisoners who were made to watch nature-related videos. This activity reduced the violence rates to a large extent. Therefore, nature soothes the environment and leads to a positive impact. This sole idea forms the basis of incorporating nature in every other technological model.

Also, technology can’t exist in the absence of nature. You all must get together to form a future wherein technology and nature go hand in hand. Importantly, sustainable development is something of high priority when it comes to the usage of resources. How do you as users plan the usage is crucial. Secondly, researchers and scientists constantly work upon measures to use technology for sustainable development. Some of the mentioned ideas express this initiative-

Electric cars- a massive turnover in the field of automation

Automation enthusiasts and all of us are well aware of the replacements that shall be made in this field. The vehicles that used fuels causing pollution in the environment will soon be replaced by electrical models. It will lead to an absolute cut to the harmful and polluting fumes from vehicles.  This automation shall propel from the energy stored in the powerful batteries. And they would have well-maintained energy stations to get the batteries refilled. This is a real example of coming together of nature and technology. It is an ultimate invention of the era.

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A connected future between nature and technology

Solar energy- a highly abundant resource

We are short of the basic resources like wind, water, petroleum and what not! At this need of the hour, it is the duty of each one of you to contribute to nature. As technocrats, many have found solutions to cope up with this issue. Hence, it is an absolute use of technology to bring in the use of solar energy. Technology has reached up to so many advancements that you can put up solar energy at work using highly efficient solar panels. This would not only reduce your expenses but also save the resources for future generations to come.

Social media- Utilize the powerful weapon

Reaching out to a larger population is no big deal in today’s world. Circulating the message and concern for the environment is just a matter of seconds now. Why what made it so easy? This is technology. Firstly, the global crisis of dealing with these vulnerable climatic changes has become the need of the hour. Large scale gas emissions from big factories are venomous for the environment. Normal people who have been using vehicles without giving a thought about its immediate consequences to nature is indeed a foolish and moronic act. This thought and negligence of people must reach to them. Making use of the internet for raising awareness among people about being a more efficient citizen of the country is one of the best ways to make use of technology.

Artificial intelligence- a tipping point in technology

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can sense the environment and act in response to the changes brought around it. Studying the recent temperature hikes and finding out some important measures to curb up this problem is done by AI. AI tallies some really important parameters like river levels, weather fronts, and humidity and gives details about precipitation. AI helps create important aids like autonomous electric grids to integrate more renewable energy. Therefore, by keeping a close watch and monitoring every climatic change, you can resort to many measures to save nature from adverse conditions.

A connected future between nature and technology
A connected future between nature and technology

The fact is crystal clear that the use of technology in a way that is nature-friendly is the need of the hour.  We and the future generations to come can experience a bright future only if the technology is used as a tool to save the resource, nature.

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