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Top 5 beautiful songs by Hozier

Andrew Hozier-Byrne is one of those fascinating musicians in the world who has the power to enchant you unknowingly. In this era, unnecessary fancy props, unwanted bass drops and auto tune rules the world. But, this Irish musician belong to those artists who still follows the magical way of storytelling through his music. He is known for beautifully playing with different genres and turning them into magic. I would say “ Hozier is magic himself ”.

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Here are his top 5 beautiful songs that you should hear now, if you haven’t already:

Take Me to Church by Hozier

“Take Me to Church” is Hozier’s first big single from his debut album. This is one of the dangerously beautiful music video ever made. The deeply emotional song talks about the oppression, indoctrination and discrimination done by Church in the name of religion. “Homophobia is one just aspect of this bigger concept”.  Inspired from this piece ,there is also a beautiful ballet performance by Sergei Polunin.


“Movement” features the legendary Ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. His incredible skills took up the song to a whole new level. This inspiring song is about passion and love governed by positive and negative emotions of one’s ownself. I feel after Take me to Church, this is one of the most beautiful song of Hozier.

Work Song

“Work Song” is a powerful love song. It portrays the inevitable love of two people whom even death can’t defeat. The humming and the rhythmic beats make it more irresistible. One can say it’s more of a spiritual love song.

Arsonist’s Lullaby

The two contrasting words in “Arsonist’s lullaby” itself gives us a very queer feeling. So does the song. According to me, he is talking about fighting with our inner demons (emotions or feelings). To maintain peace in our life we should neither embrace our demon nor set them free, always keep them on leash.

Cherry Wine

The song “Cherry wine” feels like what it is literally; sweet intoxication. The song seems very sweet and melodious in the beginning. However, as you move forward, it will led you to a sudden tragedy. Also, the  deep emotional lyrics are like a cherry on the top. The most significant thing that I like about this song and the music video is that it doesn’t discriminate the gender. The lyrics talk about the miserable man while the video shows the miserable woman.

The more you listen to Hozier’s songs, more it will feel like poetry. They are beautiful pieces of art. Some of his other  songs you can tune into are: Wasteland, Baby! , Jackie and Wilson , From Eden, Like Real People Do and To be Alone.

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