The music of Silence

    silence is the most powerful scream quote

    Oh the pin just dropped. The society just mocked. That raped girl just cried. Syria in deep pain died. Did you hear it?
    The storm that just hit the soul and not the ear drum. Did that blow you you off? Yes, right? That’s how silence speaks.
    The music of Silence
    It’s has the loudest voice ever. The voice that shakes the minds. The voice that has the power to express, convey and impart a message, a signal and a concern that even words can’t deliver. A mute tear drop is an expression of upsetness. The same tear drop complimented with a lip curve signifies sheer happiness.
    The music of Silence

    The music of Silence
    Her pinky blushing and a warm wet kiss says it all. Did she require the letters Y, E and S to answer him? No, right? Many people say that “I LOVE YOU” are the three magical words that can change your world. But according to me, the mere feeling of the expression called love is FELT and EXPRESSED by showing concern, silently caring and respecting from within. True love doesn’t actually require words to showcase its authenticity.

    Silence is sometimes the strongest reply. If a girl is silent then it means that she is giving upon you. A silent ocean brings the heaviest tides. Silence is never empty. It is full of answers.

    You can listen to more things in a silent and empty room. Your very own soul is silent too. Ever introspected deep within? Sit mute for a couple of minutes everyday and seek within. Peep through your soul. You’ll understand yourself as a whole. You’ll discover new spices that you possess but were earlier unaware of.
    The music of Silence
    The devastated people of Syria, who silently cried. The victim of Nirbhaya case, a silent death she died. But the impact, it was thunderous and stormy. Incidents always take place without making any noise. What bangs our ears is the noise created by their impact on our minds. Our reaction speaks. Meaningful silence is more powerful than meaningless words.

    You must be wondering about the uses of this Silent aspect. Well, if you’re having a big fight with your boyfriend, then silence is the best reply ever. If your gang is a gossip master, then you need to have great listening skills, and silence is the key to it. If you decided to Introspect deep within yourself to wash away your sins and analyse your strengths, then keeping mum is a path you need to cross.
    The music of Silence
    So next time when you hear silence screaming, don’t try filling the void with voluminous activities. Simply listen to the music of Silence.

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