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Deep Dive in Corporate Communication as a Career.

Journalism and Mass communication – are the two fields which are overrated sometimes said by some people. Yet these are those two fields which leave you surprised. You learn and know about various fields.

One of such field to explore and has much impact on a person’s individuality is Corporate Communication. Let’s understand and see what is it? How impactful it is? What great career options does it provide?

What is Corporate Communication?

It’s diverse and overlaps with other areas of a company such as marketing, advertising, PR. In principle, corporate communication covers all communication that a company holds. It can be both – internal and external. Communications are done to B2B communications, B2C, or media (as in PR) are the addressees.

In the sense of a corporate identity, corporate communication creates a uniformity on all mediums. The similar communication strategy should also reflect company’s culture. If one does not pursue a steady strategy in all ways, one either gives away potentials their own efforts. To attain this – in larger companies – different departments need to pull together.

Several positive effects of Corporate Communications can be:

  • Strengthening corporate identity
  • Increase in recognition value
  • Improve professionalism
  • Efficient control of the external impact
  • Improve the work atmosphere

Role of a corporate communicator

Corporate communication is considered as the most high-profile department of an organization. It empowers an organization to build brand impartiality for itself in the public eye. It is a function of management, where the aim is to portray an organization’s value and features. This involves the enactment of a variety of communications strategies. This is done to develop bonds with various stakeholders like customers, dealers/channel, investors, etc. Their support and goodwill are required for the success of the company.

What do they do?

Corporate communication managers/handlers are the primary sources of communication at a corporation. They help create press releases, engage in media outreach, and set up product announcements. Along with the team of public relations and customer service specialists, they create a uniting voice for the company. They craft emails and presentations for the company.


For Corporate communication, you need to have bachelor’s degrees. It can be in any field of BJMC. These programs help prepare professionals for interacting with members from media regularly. As a leader, they need to build up several years of experience. In public relations that allow them to interact with the media.

Entering this field

Deep Dive in Corporate Communication as a Career.

Corporate communication is specialization. It’s a highly sorted after many numerous businesses today. The challenge for communicator is to make sure that every message of communication which is being sent is as correct and reflects a positive impact of the business.

Students who desire to pursue a career in corporate communications see the field challenging and exciting. They should note a few things.

Corporate communication is a very promising field. To reach a high level of competition for jobs which is very crucial. Most high-end companies do not advertise these sorts of job openings positions.

Those who successfully pursue their master’s and after graduating bachelor’s, they’re always given preference and considered for the job opportunities outside. Getting lots of on-field work experience is important as well. Participation in part-time internships, projects, full-time internships helps in a long way. Additional skills in multimedia, media management, public writing, research and skill analysis, and strategy development help too.

Internal and External



  • Newsletter
  • Employee magazine       
  • E-mails 
  • Letters 
  • Blackboard         
  • Staff meeting
  • Employee meetings        


  • Hotline
  • Newsletters
  • Catalog
  • E-mails
  • Commercial Letters
  • Press releases
  • Press conferences
    • Advertisements
    • Online content
    • TV ads
    • Social media posts
    • Brochures
    • General meetings
    • Meetings
    • Open days
    • Sponsoring


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