New online Indian shops for masks with great deals.

This type of search has become a new normal in today’s society. Corona pandemic has changed the scenario of the whole country in all terms. We all are too much concerned about our health, immunity, and sanitation. All of us want some kind of protection from this corona virus.

This virus has brought a huge change in the fashion industry, which is born out of necessity. The vogue of fabricating masks in every possible style is now building its form here. Though Asian countries like China, Japan had this fashion of styling mask with clothes even before COVID-19 due to pollution and other factors. Many small startup businesses emerged with this and also getting a good response from customers. The best way to know the urge and how hotter it’s getting in the market is by checking the Hashtag on Instagram that almost has 13.3 million. 

Jennifer Lopez, Scout Willis is also going public with stunning masks that are indeed going viral in public. Billie Eilish walked in a Gucci mask on the red carpet isn’t it amazing?

What? You are also looking for some protective yet stylish mask, then look at the list of websites below and order your perfect mask. The price range is lies between Rs 80-250.



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New online Indian shops for masks with great deals. 8

Doori India is an Indian brand that had started their business to provide a quality mask which will serve the function of both comfort and functionality at a very affordable price range. They have a series of masks made with care by taking all the precautions. Their range of organically dyed mask is getting too much appreciation. Marigold, Manjistha, Gall Nut of Quercus infectoria has been used in making dyed masks till now, they also have some different series of masks go through their Instagram, Facebook and website page to know more.

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New online Indian shops for masks with great deals. 9

itokri is an Indian website that sells a lot of good stuff. “ celebrates creativity and conservation from villages, small towns, and metros online! It nurtures, gives space, light, and love to the emerging and ancient vibrantly creative spirit of India. That spirit is throbbing to give birth to an edgy, yet warm, funny, and a fair India. An India where potential from any region, any geography howsoever remote, howsoever mainstream is nurtured and allowed to thrive. An idea that finds its definitions from itself, its genius, simultaneously engaging with the best in the world.” 

In India, we don’t lack spirit, art, or culture we have it plenty what we lack is a platform for them and a good incentive for such hard workers. iTokri tries to provide them a platform. They provide a 3-ply mask starting with a price range of Rs 80. 

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New online Indian shops for masks with great deals. 10 is an Instagram based online shop where you will find a variety of masks. All masks are made with good quality cotton and are reusable, they also make masks for children. Their work is excellent, and they supply a perfect quality mask, they have delivered more than 1000 masks till now. The order is increasing every day, as they provide it such a pocket-friendly budget.


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New online Indian shops for masks with great deals. 11

Saffronele is a brand where the team has a good experience of material science, printing, and coating. They use fine polyester outside which is digitally printed and coated with eco-friendly inks, anti-bacterial, and antiviral. They have researched well before starting up their brand. The elastic, nose clip, coating, printing, and stitching go through testing before launching them. The product is designed considering each and every aspect which suits the day to day usage type of every human being. The price range starts from Rs 144.


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New online Indian shops for masks with great deals. 12

Khwaab which means dream in Hindi, khwaab supplies you the product that no other company can ever supply why? Because it has a motherly feeling in it. Khwaab empowers a creative group of women to handcraft their future, as well as beautiful indigenous art forms of India. Their team is evolving a lot these days by using organic dyes and replacing plastic with jute and cotton. The price range of the mask is starting from Rs 100 for a set of 4.


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New online Indian shops for masks with great deals. 13

The Mask Company, like other brands this is also an indigenous brand a vocal for local. After our Prime Minister gave a speech many brands as this grew. They make 3 layered face masks with the filter in 100% cotton fabric you will find their page on Instagram. They are working on their website and soon it will be available on their websites too but till then, if you want to order then you have to order it from their Instagram online shop. They give you a good deal in masks if you buy a pack of 2 or 4.


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New online Indian shops for masks with great deals. 14

Mask Corner, they supply mask throughout our nation they take orders through their Instagram shop page, they deliver premium products, customization is also available but the only problem is they have no return, exchange facilities. But you should not worry about the products as they serve well with their products and sizes. All their masks are 3-layered, the outside layer is well embroidered and looks very elegant while the middle layer is thick cotton, and the last layer that touches your face is white soft cotton. The prices of their masks are less I would say if compared with the products they deliver. 

 Many other labels are also in the competition that is overtaking at each other in customers. Like The six bravo, Nest by Arpitagarwal, True brown, Lee and Lou, and many more.  

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