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10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

Studying abroad offers students a great opportunity to experience a world away from home. Spending a year in a foreign country can be of particular benefit for people studying art and architecture as students can see the invaluable and impressive objects of their studies close up.

Those who graduate in fine arts recognize the sacrifices they can have to make to do what they love. The BFA can open a number of exciting opportunities, which students never thought possible. Bachelor’s degrees of fine arts can offer. The degree itself requires a great deal of hard work, networking and creativity.

Skills that you must acquire for a career in fine arts

You should draw it realistically in the eyes of the visitor. You must be packed with art materials and how to use them properly. Your work should be presented and displayed correctly and accurately. The techniques used for the colors and the theory of color must be creative. You must have the skills in communication and interpersonal communication. All digital media that are used with some new technologies must be known to you.

Get the insight into ten great places where you can study fine arts in the World

Barcelona, Spain

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

For architecture and art students, Barcelona is a treasure trove. The strong architectural feature of Antoni Gaudí is this historic town. The buildings created in the city by the most famous Spanish architect, La Sagrada Familia, the most famous, have been built for more than 100 years. The buildings are now under construction. There’s the Museu Picasso for the art student, which shows Picasso’s early works and several other famous works. The city is home to Catalan and Spanish art. A bonus: here students are only a few hours away from Madrid’s impressive architecture and museums.

London, England


London features extensive art offerings that make it a hot destination for international students. The British Museum houses about eight million objects spanning all of human history. The National Gallery contains countless masterpieces of Western painting. The Design Museum may be of particular interest to art and architecture students as it focuses on design in all aspects, including architecture. London is a hodgepodge of notable sites, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the Queen’s House.

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Paris, France

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

For art and architecture students, Paris is a good place to study abroad. A huge collection of antiquities to Western European paintings is available in the Louver museum. The museum itself is an architectural miracle that blends classicism with a large modern pyramid of glass. A beautiful collection of Impressionism is in the Musée d’Orsay, located in a magnificent Fine Arts facility. Paris has a variety of architectural styles such as Notre Dame Gothic style and Sacré-Coeur Roman-Byzantine style.

Rome, Italy

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

Rome has some of the most important architectural historical structures. There are just a few must-see sites in the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. The St. Peter’s Basilica, a masterpiece of the late renaissance, is located within Rome’s limits. A number of museums with treasures such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s’ Athens School,’ are also housed in the small, sovereign city-state. Art students will be particularly interested in the oldest national museum in the world, the capital’s museums.

Tokyo, Japan

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

Tokyo is an excellent place to study for architecture students who are interested in modern design. Students can discuss buildings like the Tokyo International Forum or the Mitaka Reversible Destiny Lofts. Artists can study calligraphy and learn about Japanese culture or visit one of many museums of contemporary art, including the Mori Art Museum. Tokyo also houses a variety of gardens that combine architecture and art.

Athens, Greece

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

Athens is home to some of the world’s most well-known building ruins. The Acropolis and the Parthenon are the main destinations of tourism, but the Temple of Poseidon is another impressive place. The city will be delighted to architecture and art students alike, because it displays arts displays at the National Gallery and Cykladic Art Museum.

Berlin, Germany

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

During the Second World War many historic buildings were destroyed, but now Berlin has an eclectic cityscape, which is routinely recognized for its architecture. Berlin has numerous museums and is one of the centers of Europe’s art. The New Museum contains many priceless antiques and Picasso, Matisse, Braque and other works at the Berggruen Museum. The Design Museum has a modern atmosphere, with its artifacts predicting today’s forward-looking world-wide Berlin.

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Moscow, Russia

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

Museums of Fine Arts include the Pushkin Museum and the Shilov Gallery, Russia’s capital and largest city. Moscow has also some of the world’s most popular architecture. St. Basil’s cathedral, the Kremlin and Christ the Saviour’s cathedral are the highlights of the city. Visitors should also try to visit the state Hermitage Museum for 4 hours by train to St. Petersburg.

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Beijing, China

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

The combination of traditional and modern architecture is fascinating. Beijing. Conservation is made in treasured buildings such as the Tiananmen Gate and the Forbidden City, while modern buildings dominate other districts. Stupendous collections of Chinese art displayed at the Beijing Capital Museum and China National Museum will never be visited by anyone who studies in Beijing.

Mexico City, Mexico

10 great study abroad locations for a career in fine arts

Mexico City is a world-wide heritage city with art treasures and museum antiques. The Palace of Fine Arts, which has a huge collection of works from time to time, and the National Anthropological Museum, containing many important ancient objects, are all important stops for art students. The Coyocan area is for everyone, including Frida Kahlo’s former home and several historical architectures and museums. The National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and Chapultepec Castle are other architectural highlights, which also have a stunning view of the city.

International students may have a career choice when they study fine arts or may still weigh their choices. Regardless, a fine artist has endless job opportunities. You must be aware of the reality, regardless of your career in fine arts. It can be very difficult in some parts of the world to become a self-sufficient artist. You need to be committed to success and perseverance. You may have a difficult time making a name for yourself, but you will have many chances of success if you stick to it.


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