Scholarships to study masters in Germany

With practical degrees, lifestyle, and of course free undergraduate programs, Germany has worldwide fame among foreign students. Only a small administrative charge would be required every semester, but be aware that it only applies to public universities. However, it is not just about tuition fees that we study abroad financially.

International students must also pay for their housing, food, extra living costs and, of course, study equipment. Some financial support programs are only granted in exceptional cases to international students and most universities do not include financial support services.

You have other reasons to extend your scholarship if you wish to pursue a postgraduate in Germany even if you are interested with a Master’s in another subject than that you have studied during your bachelor’s program. If you have a history bachelor and plan to complete a Masters of Computer Science in Germany for tuition fees, you will be charged for tuition fees for the same

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Best known government scholarships offered to the students in Germany

The DAAD Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service is the world’s largest financial aid agency. Background: The DAAD Scholarships are a public service. The DAAD also targets countries beyond Germany, including special programs for students in the art field such as Artists in Berlin. The organization supports over 100,000 students and researchers in Germany and abroad each year.

The Deutschlandstipendium

More than 22,500 students benefit from this national program set up by the Federal Government of Europe. The program is a private-public partnership that recalls talented students. The sponsorships of companies, foundations, private universities and other institutions plus government are granted EUR 300 per month to talented students. Mentorship, networking and internships are also offered to students. The choice of students does not take into account the student’s individual or parent income or nationality.

List of Non-governmental scholarships provided in germany

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation provides financial support for international and German students who are aware of civil, mainly social and political responsibility. The amount of the students who receive the award, the registration fee and the medical care books / studies required each month may be up to EUR 1000 per month.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation

It provides German and international students and refugees with several bonds at all levels of study. However, the Foundation mainly awards STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students and in particular environmental science programmes.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s (KAS) International scholarships

These are available for international students planning for a Master’s or PhD in Germany for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). The award is awarded each year and it is important for students, even though their degree is in English, to learn German (level 2 CERR). The applicant’s age limit should also be 30 years.

Bayer Foundations

It provides financial support for German and foreign students and young professionals who wish to study or research. Students should demonstrate very good academic results and the project must be based on a new topic and approach. Financial assistance will be provided by other partner foundations, including the Foundation Friedrich Naumann and the Foundation Rosa Luxemburg.

The Goethe Goes Global Bursary

It is an innovative Master Courses Project. Goethe Goes Global Bursary. The main objective of this program is to improve and promote students ‘ academic careers. The students selected to study at Goethe University in Germany will be granted this bursary. International students receive around 20 bursaries annually. Foreign students with a Bachelor’s degree are therefore fit for applying. The University offers students up to the end of the master’s course € 1,000 per month as a scholarship.

ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship

Women applicants are eligible for this scholarship to apply for a full-time EST MBA course. Applications from women around the world with a GMAT score of over 700 are welcomed. Students receive the bursary on the basis of the essay submitted during the submission. The bursary value can be as high as € 15,000. The program deadline depends on the date of entry. Before applying, candidates must carefully visit the official website.

Kofi Annan MBA Stipends

The Kofi Annan Stipend is available to developing countries ‘ emerging leaders. The Masters program (MIM) provides a 2 year Masters course or full-time MBA for one year. A bachelor with high academic record must be a student to apply. Other requirements include English skills and a willingness to help his / her country grow. For students selected the full course fee for MIM is € 25,000 and for MBA students is € 43,500. Visa, travel, housing, networking and insurance are also provided through the program.

DLD Executive MBA Scholarship

The DLD bursary in combination with a digital innovation conference is offered by the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. The selected candidates under this program will study MBA in the Creative Leadership program. The program is designed for senior managers in the fields of digital, media, advertising, technology and entertainment. One winner will receive a support fee of € 23,000 while another 3 finalists receive a support of up to € 10,000.

Specialised scholarships from German universities

Specialized Bursaries from German universities for Four months / semester for students in a Master course,

  • Hamburg University of Applied Science offers bursaries of up to € 400/month.
  • The Leipzig University of Applied Sciences offers financial support programs to students who enact different MSc courses. programs. programmes.
  • Ulm University.
  • RWTH Aachem

Important tips you must know before applying for a scholarship

1. Please always check the scholarship application deadline!

2. Read thoroughly and ensure that you fit with the eligibility criteria. If so? No, for clarification, contact the academic provider.

3. Request more than one bursary to improve your chances of being awarded.

Apply  to Global Study Awards 2019

Check out British Council IELTS and ISIC’s 10,000 GBP Global Studies Awards in collaboration with portals to help make your study dream come true abroad! The request is open until 20 July 2018. Strong candidates are nominated for an interview in person. Within 3 months of the application deadline, the 2 winners will be announced. You must be accepted to study abroad at a university. Writing a university review will form part of the application process.


Germany is now the first choice for many Indian students to study abroad with more than 400 institutions and a rich history. Because of its lively culture and its welcoming people, it is an ideal country. This not only is the reputation and high standing of the universities in the country worldwide. Innovative programs with small fees and lodging cost are available to students. Students In addition, having a degree in Germany gives a student a major leap forward and offers various jobs.

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