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15 Awesome Indian YouTube Web Series

The Internet has taken over big time into our lives and from watching television on designated timings we have now started accessing the same entertainment anywhere anytime on the internet on youtube or respective channel websites like hotstar for Star Plus and star related television channels, sonyliv for channels of Sony. One can watch all the shows live or later on and accessing old to latest episodes all the time for free.

Indian TV Shows are broadcasted Monday to Friday and even on Saturday’s sometimes. They last for years or months and the plotline becomes pretty much difficult to remember.

Web series consists of 10 to 12 episodes sometimes even less but they capture the story gracefully. Unconventional, bold and beautiful are how our Indian Web Series can be defined. Here is a list of 15 such web series which will cheer you up and since they have already been released they can be binge-watched in few hours. Usually, in web series, each episode is released weekly and the episodes released can be watched all the time.

1)Little Things

This series gives a peek of Dhruv & Kavya’s live-in-relationship where they support each other while having their differences. The series has 5 episodes and each one of them is comforting. And the best part is season 2 of this series will be released soon.

2)What the folks

Nikhil is in Delhi due to his work and has arrived at his in-law’s house to stay till his work gets completed. The series captures how he slowly gets closer to his wife’s family consisting of her mother, father, and sister. It has comedy, family drama and all the components required to make it a heart-melting show.

3) Permanent Roommates

This is one of the early hit web series watched and appreciated by everyone. The story is about Tanya and Mikesh who have been in a long distance relationship and have decided to try live-in-relationship before getting married. The show captures the troubles the couple face, their emotions and has plenty of humor. The series has 2 seasons and both of them are pretty good.


4)TVF Tripling

The series is about 3 siblings each with different personalities and messed up in their own way on a road trip.

5) Bang Baja Baaraat

Pawan and Sahana are in love and have decided to have traditional Indian wedding while keeping their families with different mentalities happy. Their different backgrounds and thinking clash while they attempt to have a happy wedding. The costume and actors are the highlights of the series.

6)Humorously Yours

The show captures the everyday problems faced by a stand-up comedian Vipul Goyal and the journey of making jokes and performing them on stage. The light-hearted saga has many notable Indian Comedians appearing in this series.


7) Girl In the City

Meera has arrived in Mumbai from her hometown Dehradun to give chance to her passion for fashion designing. The 2 part series covers her journey to achieve her desires and happiness.


8) The Aam Aadmi Family

Sharma family captures the everyday scenario of a middle-class family. Its funny, emotional and an enjoyable show. This series has 2 seasons.


9)Ladies Room & Baked

Ladies Room is a story of 2 single women working on acheiving their dreams and living life on their own terms.

While Baked is the story of Haris who starts a late night food delivery business with his 2 roommates while pursuing his degree.


10)Geeta Subramanyam

Geeta Subramanyam is a Telugu web series. Geeta & Subramanyam are in a live-in relationship. Their laughs, fights, and love are delightful to watch.

11)Married Women Diaries

Shweta Chobe is a working married woman with a loving husband. She performs stand-up comedy narrating quirky situations between her and her husband and the stories are


12)TVF Bachelors

4 Bachelors living a peculiar bachelor life and comic incidents they face is shown in this series.

13) Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa

Educating children about Sex can be complicated and is mostly avoided by parents. This web series covers the topics related to sex without much awkwardness and ease.

14) Better Life Foundation

The web series is about an NGO run by a good-hearted person with no managing skills.


15)The Other Love Story

The series is about the journey of 2 young girls falling in love and the difficulties they face due to their choices.



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