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Things pumping in your mind when you decide to give GRE Exam

You will be almost aware of what does the GRE Exam consists of. Since you have decided to give the GRE Exam. Just in case, if you’re left out with some important points you can go through this detailed information.

The Graduation Record Examination(GRE) is a test that is a ticket to get admissions in most graduate schools in the United States and foreign countries. The GRE Exam is administered or conducted by Educational Testing Services(ETS). This test is given by students across the world keeping in mind to take admission in foreign business graduate schools for better results and quality of Education. Basically, GRE is the ticket to admission and get graduated in the fields of MS, MBA, MEM or Doctoral.

The syllabus is different for the GRE General Test and for GRE Subject Test. GRE General Test focuses on measuring the candidate’s ability by verbal reasoning, quantitative aptitude, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills whereas GRE Subject Test checks Candidate’s intelligence in specified fields.

Here is some more information regarding GRE that you ponder on when you make your mind up to give GRE Exam:

How do I prepare for the GRE Exam?

Practice, Practice, and Practice. There is nothing more than this required. Everyone usually spends time practicing quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. But one should not ignore vocabulary and analytical writing sections because these sections can lower your score as well. If you think you are not up to the mark in mathematics then, first learn the basics, watch YouTube videos if you’re s not able to grasp basics. See, previous questions practice them and don’t just give up. Give more and more test papers. Don’t feel inferior at the start when you scoreless in test series. Be happy that you are trying to improve and practice more and more. At the initial stage, you will feel that the vocabulary words are much more difficult to remember as I thought them to be easily learned. Practice and revise them time to time so that in the end it becomes the regular word for you.

How much is the duration of the GRE Exam?

The computer-based GRE General Test is of 3 hours and 45 minutes and there are 3 sections:

Verbal Reasoning:  Two 30-min sections, each having a number of questions as 20.

Quantitative Reasoning: Two 35-minute sections, each having 20 questions.

For how long GRE scores are valid?

The GRE scores are usually valid for five years. Although, top universities do not accept scores post three years. It is recommended to apply in any university within 3 years. Candidates have a choice if they want to grow in the marketing field then they can first give exam if they succeeded then well and good and can take up the course in their own choice of universities or else after clearing the exam as well they can take experience in marketing field for 2 years and can take up the course in any desired university they want. If in case, they have cleared the exam and just want the break of at least 2 years from studies.

How many students tend to give the GRE Exam?

On average the students who take the GRE Exam from India as well as the world is in the calendar year 2016, there were more than 1,00,000 tests taken in India. During the same year, GRE Tests increased to 7,18,000.

What is the difference between CAT and the GRE Exam?

GRE is an adaptive test. it puts questions on the basis of what kind of questions has been answered by candidate. In CAT the set of questions are fixed for all candidates.

GRE doesn’t give many questions from Data Interpretation whereas CAT gives many questions out of Data Interpretation.

GRE math is easier as compared to CAT.  There is no presence of Logarithms in GRE.

In the GRE you need to solve each and every question irrespective of you know the solution or not but in CAT you must be choosy to which kind of questions you can solve the most.

What are the top, good, moderate and average scores in GRE?

These are the measure of score through which you can categorize yourself in according to the range defined in each category. But there is actually no need to score this much you can see and manage this according to your caliber as this score or maybe less is the cutoff off of the college you want to take admission in. scoring is never a limit but the destination is(i.e. where you want to grow or see yourself nurturing best).


Verbal: 163+

Quant: 165+

AWA: 5.0+

Total: 328+


Verbal: 158-162

Quant: 159-164

AWA: 4.5



Verbal: 152-157

Quant: 153-158

AWA: 4.0

Total: 305-316


Verbal: 151 or below

Quant: 152 or below

AWA: 3.5 or below

Total: 260-303

What is the difference between GATE and GRE?

The main and major difference between GRE and GATE is that Gate is an admission test for Indian Universities in the Master’s program.

GRE is administered by ETS whereas GATE is administered by IIT’s.

GRE has no negative marking whereas Gate has negative marking.

How many times can I give the GRE Exam?

You have unlimited attempts to give GRE. You are eligible to give GRE Exam once after every 21 days, limiting up to five times within 12-months. Even if you want to cancel the scores that are previously scored then it can also happen by giving the exam again. There are no limitations to the chances you can take rather than any other exam.

What are the fees for the GRE Exam?

Registration fees for the GRE Exam are $205. ETS who conduct these set of Examination of GRE is willing to be more flexible on the GRE test fee so that everyone can give this exam. Extra charges are also there for if in case, the candidate filled wrong test place and want to change the location and for that he/she needs to pay $50.

How much is the difficulty level of the GRE exam?

GRE is tough than any graduation exam like MCAT, LSAT OR GMAT because GRE means you need to have less specialized knowledge. GRE difficulty depends more on Vocabulary and reading passages, and math problems are a lot trickier than any other exam and require an extremely higher level of logical reasoning.

Which are the books should I follow to prepare for the GRE Test?

  • Conquering GRE Math – by Robert Moyer
  • GRE Prep by Mangoosh
  • Barron’s GRE Verbal Workbook – by Philip Geer
  • Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning
  • Essential words for The GRE – by Philip Geer

What is the difference between GRE and GMAT?

The GRE Test is of 60-minutes which has an Analytical Writing section carrying two essays of 30-minutes each. There are two verbal reasoning sections. Two 35 minutes of Quantitative Reasoning sections are also there. There is 30-35 minutes’ experimental section which can be either math or verbal.

The GMAT Test is of 30-minutes Analytical writing section having one essay, a 30-minutes  Reasoning section, duration of  62-minutes Quantitative section is there, a 65-minute verbal section along with it.

  • Fees Structure for GRE is $205 and that for GMAT is $250.
  • 3.75 hours’ computer-based exam & 3.5 hours pen paper-based exam is conducted for GRE whereas 3.5 hours exam is conducted in GMAT.
  • Both of the exams scores are valid for 5 years.
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