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How to create a viral marketing campaign successful?

The world has totally mesmerized with the arrival of digitization. Digital media has changed the overlook of doing marketing. Many businesses rely on digital marketing so as to accomplish their business goals. Social media aka digital media takes the only a fraction of second to get viral the videos or content. The main motive lies here is to increase the lead generation. You guys have seen there are different things that get easily viral on the internet. It is part of a viral marketing campaign. The main motive lies here to make the campaigning successful. In this blog, I will discuss what is Viral marketing and what tips you need to follow to make it successful.

The way of spreading some content that can be either in the form of videos, images and blog on different social media platforms in order to accomplish a business strategy is called viral marketing

It is called so because it is spreading as the virus gets viral.

Different ways of making viral marketing campaign successful and promising:-

Know your goals

When you put yourself in some business, you must understand why you need to do viral marketing? I mean what will be its future impact. You should have clarity regarding your goals. There are several things that you need to do before moving ahead.

  • What is the future impact of viral marketing?
  • Is this campaign prove to be fruitfiul?
  • What do I will achieve from this?
  • What should I need to invest?
  • Is this affect my brand name?
  • Can my sales will be increased?
  • Will this campaign helps to generate leads?
  • Is this a long term goal or short term goal?
  • What after this?

Pick relevant social media

Viral Marketing
How to create a viral marketing campaign successful?

Content is not as it is getting viral, you need to do research that which social media platform works well for you. There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitter and Whatsapp. Just take a simple example, if you want to viral any video, then YouTube is the best medium. In case if you want to viral any message then Whatsapp groups are the best. If you want to do advertising then Facebook is the best, if you think that do viral your blogs then Linkedin works better.

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 Know your target audience

Let us suppose you’ve created brilliant content that you need to make viral. But did you perform proper research regarding whom you will target? I mean what kind of people gets influenced by this. The motive is simple, if you are able to know who is your target audience, then eventually you can generate leads. If your content gets viral for the right kind of audience then it is a matter of happiness for you. Because it will help you to boost sales.

Choose Quality over Quantity in Viral Marketing campaigns

Content is the king this is the old saying and this is true. If you give quality content, then the audience will love to view what you are giving. So always focus on the type of content you want to give. I mean the images and video content gets easily viral, so focus on that. Your motive should be to gain the attention of the audience. Always use good and eye-catchy titles. People simply switch to another website, if they find that titles are boring. So think wisely about what you are giving to your audience.

Try offers and giveaways for Viral marketing success

When you add giveaways and offers, the audience in order to get price or money or any offer, they share the content with their friends. In this way, your content eventually gets viral. There should be an addition of some free rewards like courses, e-books and many more things.

Involve Emotional marketing

Viral Marketing
How to create a viral marketing campaign successful?

Emotional marketing is very effective when you want that your content gets viral. So try to add different emotions when you are promoting content. Often positive emotions grab more attention of the audience. It is up to you which type of content you want to promote.

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A big yes to  Share, embed, download

If in your viral content there should social media buttons, then nothing is good than this. You simply needs to focus on:-

Make sure that your content should be easily shareable on different websites

It is easily embeddable.

Audience find it easy to download.

It is simple and readable.

Try Influencer marketing

Viral Marketing
How to create a viral marketing campaign successful?

An influencer is one who can influence others and the one who has the ability to let people make their purchasing decisions simply by influencing them is called influencer marketing. It plays a vital role in viral marketing. Due to influencers, the brand reaches the relevant audience and they tend to make their shopping decisions on influencer’s influence.

A big no to the complexity

See, the audience is very simple. Create content according to normal audience instead of creating it for search engines. Don’t overload your content with unnecessary images and videos. Add only relevant data. Try to make it impressive. Avoid adding your brand everywhere.

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Don’t be panic

Some people achieve success in one go and other needs to do hard work and struggle for that. Don’t feel disheartened if your first, second or third attempt in viral marketing gets failed. Instead of you can accumulate the weak points that create a problem in achieving success in this campaign. Work on your content and note down the points, maybe next time you will get a big viral hit.


Viral marketing is totally dependent upon your content. What you are giving, people will perceive that. Viral marketing campaign if goes successful, it has the capability to make you star. So, kindly follow the above-stated points, if you want that viral marketing works. In this blog, I have discussed different ways to make a viral marketing campaign successful. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Share your views, if any of you has implemented viral marketing in your business.

Till then stay safe and healthy…!!!

Palvi Soni
Palvi Soni
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