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Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

Due to an increasingly redefined world, there exist certain latent career options that are currently being practiced as voluntary employment. Digital Nomad is one of them and as the name suggests, Digital nomad refers to an individual who conducts his business operations via telecommunication services and leads a nomadic lifestyle. Thinking about it, it can be fairly accurate to say that there is a plethora of career options when it comes to leading such a lifestyle. 

How To Work As A Digital Nomad

Travelling can become really expensive for professionals who love the same. Digital nomads can make the most out of it along with covering their expenses. In order to lead such a lifestyle, multiple routes can be undertaken. The first one can be to approach the current employer to work an arrangement regarding remote work. The second one can be to post an inquiry about location-independent work along with the resume to a potential employer. Third and the last is to start afresh by looking for a job as a freelancer.

Among the same, we have enlisted the most common career options when it comes to a digital nomads.

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1. Web or App Developer

IT Developers in vue.js
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

Programmers range from basic ones to utterly complex ones. Web or Website Developers are the programmers who are responsible for the design, layout, function of a particular website. They need basic coding and an active internet connection. Their work suits the nomadic lifestyle as their culture doesn’t really need them to be interacting with clients. It is more like a background job. App developers in a similar manner perform coding functions related to the development of a phone or a computer app. They are mostly found working remotely, provided they share their progress with the employer from time to time.

2. Digital Marketer

Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

Marketing is the core of a business and it builds an online presence of the brand at hand. A digital marketer can range from an SEO specialist to an Affiliate marketer to a Social Media marketer. An SEO specialist streamlines the content for a website for search engine optimization. The social media presence of a brand established by a social media marketer is crucial for the overall image of the brand. An affiliate marketer is mostly responsible for all sorts of collaborations with other brands in order to enhance the reach. All these jobs are not in-office jobs but can be performed remotely.

3. E-commerce Executive

Online Security
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of products and services online. Any individual involved in the E-commerce industry can efficiently manage to work from remote locations as the physical inventory is not available with the entrepreneur. Upon orders, the supplier releases the inventory stored with him and hence this process helps in the overall reach of the brand due to the timely management. E-commerce is gaining attention lately and it can simply take a few months to generate sales for a newbie, with a laptop, an internet connection and a presence of mind.

4. Blogger

Blog Blogging Homepage Social Media Network Concept
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

blogger is a content creator who publishes its content online on a website or a series of websites, similar to marketing a product or a service online. A blogger might be an easy job on the front but it is a hard skill to master as there exist a multitude of bloggers but only a few renowned ones. The bloggers earn money by the ad revenue, affiliate marketing and sponsorships. They are digital nomads particularly because they are their own bosses. It is assumed that by far this job can be the best nomad job.

5. Content Writer

Girl Writing Journal Tent Concept
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

Due to an increasingly online world, the need for excellent content arises and there can be no business where content writers won’t have a role to play. Content writers write the content for billboards, social media handles, advertisements, product descriptions and so on. Digital nomads mainly constitute them and this is simply because inspiration can strike in the weirdest of places with no internet connectivity at times. Writers mostly freelance and perform their job efficiently along with living their life at the employer’s expense.

6. Customer Support Executive

Busting a few myths about career option in BPO industry
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

All the organisations offering a product or a service require a customer support team to manage post-delivery issues. A good marketing strategy explains the need for customer satisfaction and that the duty of a seller does not end with the sale but is mainly dependent on the after-sales experience. A customer support executive is a person who makes sure that the practical solution regarding an issue faced by a customer, is communicated and understood by them. These executives are either from an agency or hired individually. Their job description allows them to work remotely.

7. Skills or Language Teacher

High school students and teacher.
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

Online teaching has paved the way for a new informative world. This is certainly because it has made it possible for the teachers to impart the English language to their students. It is the most prominent language being taught online along with other regional languages. With language teachers, there are soft and other skills teachers sharing the spotlight. They create content around a particular skill and publish the same online for various users. As soon as teaching changed course, so did the lifestyle of teachers.

8. Graphic Designer

Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

Just as content writers express their substantiated opinions via text, graphic designers resort to visual content for the same matter. Graphic designing is becoming imperative to a business as visual content is considered to be understood and conveyed more quickly in the busy world. A graphic designer can function pretty well simply by grasping the basics and using its imagination either to create visuals for the content already published or simply do infographics. It is a big-time digital nomad career as it involves freelancing or contractual employment.

9. Video Creator or Photographer

Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

A video creator in simple terms uses a video as a medium of conveying content. The increased use of the internet has seen a revolution in the users to rely on videos for almost everything. The scope of videos is not only limited to Youtube but also Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Tiktok. With video creation, photography is no less in making the mark and travel photography, in particular, is a trend now. A digital nomadic lifestyle offers a boost to this profession as a travel photographer can feature its travel history to outshine the crowd in no time.  

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10. Software Entrepreneur

Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs
Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs

A software entrepreneur can effectively be the next-gen software developer.  So far, only a considerable number of software entrepreneurs opt for a location independent lifestyle as with the growth and experience in this field, complexity in operations arises. It is crucial that the software entrepreneur has the required skill and sufficient knowledge to live the life of a digital nomad as it is comparatively expensive to build software.

If traveling is your calling, but you can not really afford it at your own expense, get a digital nomad job to make the most of your life, for the rest of your life.

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