10 Youtube channels you must subscribe for competitive exams

After graduation, every student wants to pursue a career in the different field.Some want to move on and some try to sit for competitive exams that provide job security and a good pay cheque. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to go to best coaching center so here comes the second most search engine Youtube.

Here are some youtube channels that you must subscribe if you are preparing for competitive exams
Mrunal.org: Mrunal Patel is dedicated to helping all the aspirant who is preparing for competitive exams like UPSC,SSC etc.The economy and other lectures are very lucid and he has explained every macroeconomic term in Layman term.Just follow them religiously and you will be out of fear.

Online Guruji: A channel to help all the SSC CGL aspirants.He made all brief videos to explain all the complex topics and tried to solve last year question paper of aptitude section.He uploads the strategy guide and the list of book that will help you to clear this exam.

Takshzila Shikshak: If you are struggling with Quantitative aptitude then this channel will surely be the best shot of your life.Best video content that will help you to understand the various concept such as Geometry,Number System etc.

Current Affairs Funda: A team of samurai that will help you to build the basic on almost all the topics ranging from English to other subjects and they also update their video list with current affairs.If you don’t find any video just ping them to their Facebook page they might try to make it as soon as possible.

Feel Free to Learn: When you learn reasoning with Satheesh sir,you feel like you’re learning from Richard Feynman.Teaching is his passion and is trying to help all the beginner students who are preparing for banking entrance exams.

Vidya Guru:Started in April 2015 this channel is helping every aspiring student who wants to start a career in government sector.They cover a wide variety of topics which are depth full and pretty much they know what are the problems student face during preparation.

Unacademy: This channel is rich in content that aspires to become a youtube for education.With mini series on English,Polity Culture and etc this is the perfect channel for all the rural UPSC aspirants.

Talent Sprint:Their mission is to provide help all the banking aspirants who want to start a carrier in this field.They break down different topics with the help of weekly live session.

Edification: A channel that provides the shortcut for reasoning and aptitude section which will save a large chunk of your time.Tricks for surds and numerical ability are one of the most watched videos on this channel.

Mahendra Guru :This is the informative channel that aimed primarily to educate the Railways and SSC aspirant.They have a discussion page which aims to teach the aspirant about the current trends,change of syllabus anything related to the exam.

wifistudy: This one of the oldest and fast growing channels. They help all the banking aspirants who want to start a carrier in this field.They break down different topics with the help of started live session.

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