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10 Tips To Crack Any Examinations

10 Tips To Crack Any Examination

 In this world of cut throat competition cracking any exam is not easy be it of national level or of state level . To crack any exam a candidate needs to follow some tips which we are providing here in this article. By following some tips it becomes easy for candidates to crack any exam in flying colours.

  1. Self Discipline

Discipline is the first important thing to crack any examination. By inculcating discipline in yourself a candidate will be able to think logically too. Discipline will instill self awareness for self discipline in a candidate. Studying in a disciplined way will help a candidate to retain more whatever a candidate studies

2. Going through Syllabus

Another most important thing to crack any examination is going through Syllabus. Without syllabus a candidate cannot prepare well. A syllabus is a complete guide which lets a candidate to what will be asked in the examination. Generally most of the examination have some topics common like General Awareness and Language but it still depends on the type of exam a candidate has to give. If a candidate is going to give the exam of banking sector then questions will be asked from Accounts and Economics whereas if a candidate is going for engineering or medical field it is understood that questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. If a candidate is going to write examination like B.A. or B.ed the questions will be asked from Child pyschology and Teaching Aptitude. It is important to know the detailed syllabus which will help a candidate to prepare well as if a candidate has well gone through Syllabus a candidate will know which topic he/she has to prepare. While going through Syllabus check the scheme of examination too. Make sure that you know the mode of examination see if it is online mode or offline mode and prepare accordingly. Take mock tests for to get an idea how online mode is conducted. There are many practice centres to get familiar with the examination pattern of online mode. Do take mock test too.

3. Timetable

After knowing the complete syllabus next tip is to have a timetable. Make your own timetable and follow it sincerely. Some tips to make a timetable is to keep break time in your timetable, there should be some recreational activities too like music , books, or running whichever suits you best. A timetable should be made depending upon one’s home atmosphere. The most important thing to keep in mind is it should be made as per your study time ,if you are a morning person it should be made in accordance with that but if you are a night owl it should be made as per night.

Having a timetable will also help you to track how many topics you have completed and how much topics are left for you to prepare. Keep days for one topic and next days for another topics and so on. It’s up to you if you have social media or not. Have self control when using social media.

4. Organise

Another tip to follow is organising your study table in such a way that it is easy for you to keep your books at one place topic place. If you don’t have any study table then you need not to worry because you can keep your books organised near the place wherever you study. It is advisable to study on study table rather than studying on bed as there are some candidates who prefer studying on bed instead of studying on their study table.

Keep your study table neat and clean. Keep your study table near the window where you get ample sunlight as studying in dim light  will not be good for your eyes. If you study in night make sure you have your night lamp or tube light or study lamp handy.

Keep your stationery well organized. Make sure you have plenty of pens and pencil. If possible have a pen stand and a clock or wrist watch on your table. Have sticky notes stuck on your table to remind you that what you have to study for the day. Keep a to do list made in accordance with the syllabus. Keep marking the list as you complete a topic from syllabus. Keep motivation alive in you. Stick motivational thoughts and famous quotations which will make your mind feel relaxed. Stay motivated to do better.

5. Make Notes

Another tip to follow is making notes . Making notes is an art it requires some tips. Have an index. Underline your notes. Use many different colours of pens and highlighters. Keep your notes short. For detailed notes make flow charts in between. Don’t make your notes too lengthy. Write in points. It’s better if you use a spiral notebook for your notes because most of the spiral notebooks have sections divided in them which will help you to make notes on much important topics. Notes should be made in a way which you can learn and retain. Use dark coloured pens for writing headings and light coloured pens for subheadings. First of all read a topic and then make notes from the same. Your self made notes should be kept handy and keep it at a safe place. Notes makes your level of understanding strong and it also makes your handwriting better.

6. Taking Care of Yourself

Another most important thing is keeping yourself free from unwanted illness. Prevention is better than cure. For a smooth studying you need to take care of your health. Eat right things at the right time. Avoid junk food as these tasty foods will make you more lethargic and drowsy. It is important that you take good care of yourself if you don’t want to lose because of medical reasons. Stay fit as exercise with yoga and meditation will boost your concentration power and you will be able to remember whatever you have studied.

7. Internet

Internet is a world which can be a great help for you. The topics in which you are facing difficulty in understanding them search these topics on internet. YouTube will rescue you in this situation as there are many different YouTube channels which help you with tricks and methods to solve the difficult questions based on tedious topics. You may join a group too where you can discuss your doubts and can get your doubts cleared. You will learn and you will also know how much you know. Internet if used correctly is a boon for your studies. Keep visiting the website for latest updates for your examination.

8. Revision

Another thing which is important when preparing for any examination is revision. Keep revising your notes on a regular basis. Few days before the examination you must thoroughly revise your notes, from your book. The main points which you had highlighted revise them properly. Don’t touch any new topic. Give it a read but don’t spend much time on a new topic. Revise your strong topics. After the completion of your whole syllabus check for the topics which are your strength. Make your weak topics more better. You can also take online mock tests and quizzes to check your progress as many websites provide free mock tests.

9.Ten Years

After you are done with your completion and revision the next important thing is going through the treasure known as Ten Years where you get the question papers of previous years. It will give you an idea of how your question paper will be. Go through them . Try to solve them for it will be an eye opener for you. If there are no Ten Years available for you then go for Model Papers or Sample papers which you can easily get from the official website of which you are giving exam. Don’t panic if you haven’t prepared for a topic. Have a brief idea of every topic. If you are the first batch of giving any exam with an updated syllabus don’t worry much. Prepare from your own understanding.

10. Last minute

Have a proper sleep before your exam. Don’t keep studying all night which will keep you awake in the examination hall. It’s advisable to reach well before time. Take a deep breath. Stay confident of whatever you have studied. Have believe in yourself because if you don’t have believe in your hard work then who will. Keep revising in your mind. Wear clothes which are comfortable for you. Stay hydrated. Read your question paper with concentration. Attempt questions which you know well. If there is negative marking it’s advisable not to go for guess work as by doing so you will lose more than you gain. Follow the instructions. Have your photo identity card, your admit card handy. Carry original photo identity card with you

So these are some tips which may help you in succeeding any examination. All The Best.

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Pallavi Dutta
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