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Some common misconceptions about IITians

Many have the curiosity to know how it feels like to be an IITian. Only a few manage to actually feel, and the rest automatically develop some judgement based on whatever is published in newspaper (placements, projects and achievements). Hope that this article works pretty well and gives you a rough idea of why IIT’s are worth the hard work.

No, we do not study all the time.

In fact, we don’t even study. The only time we open our notes are just before exams, just like any other student in other colleges, we do not submit assignments, we do shabby record work and we most definitely don’t mug our lessons. What might make us different would be the interest we have in learning and all the learning that we would ever need for exams would happen in the classroom.

Not all here are not introverts.

football-soccer IITYet another common misconception about students in IIT. People think everyone stays in their respective rooms and no one comes out. Many play a sport. Let me tell you that the only time I enter my room, most of the days is during the night when I go to sleep. People assume we do not socialize. Well, after coming to the campus I met people following different cultures, speaking different languages and from various backgrounds.

We do have a sense of humour.

When people see an IITian and the topic of humour comes up, the initial response would be to crack a lame science joke and expect us to laugh. Not everyone in IIT are Sheldon coopers or Rajesh koothrapallis (yes we watch TV shows too). We play a lot of pranks and people here are sportive enough to take pleasure in getting laughed at. There is a comedy club in IIT madras purely dedicated to lame science jokes. (that was sarcasm, if you didn’t get it, but there is actually a comedy club in IIT madras)

We know how to have fun.

I don’t need words to explain this. Here is a picture of last year’s saarang, our cultural event.

Hope you found this article interesting.
Thank you 🙂

Gowdham Ravichandran
Gowdham Ravichandran
Playing with words is not the only sport i play. I read explosm comics, play guitar and football (not simultaneously), chill out and travel. presently in IIT Madras



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